My Pleroma-Multiverse - short version

Because individual passages of the New Testament could have up to three layers of Allegorical meaning; I believe in the existence of "The Pleroma" and "The Spiritual Multiverses".
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My Pleroma-Multiverse - short version

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Because individual passages of the New Testament could have up to three layers of Allegorical meaning;
I believe in the existence of "The Pleroma" and "The Spiritual Multiverses".

My Pleroma And The Esoteric-Multiverses

The Prime Universal Law is very simple:All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative energies in any way they choose;no being has the right to violate and harm others.

The Divinity Beyond Being

See also:

Sophia (Gnosticism),
Sophia-Achamoth; androgynous intelligent energy that dwell in visible and nonvisible Universe. Spirits can and do manifest themselves to Us, and must be regarded, first of all, as;

Masculine and Feminine Principle. " Feminine Principle " a Nurishing-Preserving Force, and " Masculine Principle " a Creative Force.

A must read; The Ascent of Mind and the Descent of Wisdom, with author's permission

Writings of Plato -Thomas Taylor - Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato

"For it is not immortal, as participating of life, but as supplying divine life, and deifying life itself. Thus imparticipable intellect is an intellect which is not consubsistent with soul. In the second place, intellect, which is prior to soul, is intelligible."

"Nor do they subsist, says he, together with intellect, in the same manner as those slender conceptions which are denominated universals abstracted from sensibles, according to the hypothesis of Longinus: for if that which subsists is unsubstantial, it cannot be consubsistent with intellect."

"For as a deity of an intellectual characteristic is its fabricator, and both the essence and energy of intellect are established in eternity the sensible universe, which is the effect or production of such an energy, must be consubsistent with its cause, or in other words, must be a perpetual emanation from it."

"For the Highest God, according to Plato, as we have largely shown from irresistible evidence, is so far from being a part of a consubsistent triad, that He is not to be connumerated with any thing; but is so perfectly exempt from all multitude, that He is even beyond being; and He so ineffably transcends all relation and habitude, that language is in reality subverted about Him, and knowledge refunded into ignorance. - Thomas Taylor in Introduction to the Philosophy and Writings of Plato"

"I regard consciousness as fundamental. I regard matter as derivative from consciousness. We cannot get behind consciousness. Everything that we talk about, everything that we regard as existing, postulates consciousness." Max Planck, theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918

The union of a Soul with Spirit, in a Form ( flesh ); produces Consciousness ( The Son aspect )

My Pleroma-Multiverse


Foremost I love all spirits; good, bad or any spirits between. All of them have a unique place, and a unique function to perform in total multiverse.

Because ultimately all spirits at the end-of-times; note, but NOT at the end of the present Zodiac cycle, see: The Age of Aquarius, will be offered a special re-constructive process.

See: Souls.
Check out Fravashi-Spirit-Atman, Urvan as Soul. See also: Atman-Self-Fravashi-Spirit.

And all Inteligent Spiritual Beings, will be united to " The One ".

This is My Pleroma And The Esoteric-Multiverses as I see it.

Unmanifest Absolute:A. Aspect- A, is The Pleroma, as per Valentinianism protological philosophy, The Higher Ogdoad, The Highest Spiritual Dimensions andThe Highest Level of Consciousness, The Fullness, The Perfection.

Upper Aeons are Androgynous pairs; opposites in perfect balance with eachother, those are qualities of The Pleroma. Therefore leading to both, all at the same time; Nothingness and Fullness.

As the Basilides said:

" We are distinguished from The Pleroma; we are confined within time and space. When we do distinguish qualities of The Pleroma, we are speaking from the ground of our own distinctiveness and concerning our own distinctiveness. "

The Pleroma; home to Spiritual Multiverses, each spiritual multiverse is home to 7 spiritual universes, each spiritual universe is home to 7 spiritual dimansions; that makesThe Pleroma expandable to infinity, Aeons.
Aeons, together with " The Highest Source " from which they emanate they form the Pleroma, or Fullness of " The Most High Father ", and thus The Aeons should not be seen as distinct from the Divine, but symbolic abstractions of " The Divine Nature ".

The Pleroma is home to; The Most High Father, Bythos, Depthness, Profundity; The Undivided Consciousness, The Unlimited Potentialities and The Unlimited Possibilities, The True World of The True Spiritual Reality, The All; that is, Perfect Order. Where the so call " I " does NOT exist.

See also: The Unmanifest Absolute.

Basilidian wrote:

... The Divinity Beyond Being; "There was when naught was; nay, even that 'naught' was not aught of things that are [even in the world of reality]. But nakedly, conjecture and mental quibbling apart, there was absolutely not even the One [the Logos of the world of reality]. And when I use the term 'was,' I do not mean to say that it was [that is to say, in any state of being]; but merely to give some suggestion of what I wish to indicate, I use the expression 'there was absolutely naught.' For that 'naught' is not simply the so-called Ineffable; it is beyond that. For that which is really ineffable is not named Ineffable, but is superior to every name that is used..."

Hippolytus summarizes this condition of non-being, which transcends all being from the original treatise as follows:"

"Naught was, neither matter, nor substance, nor voidness of substance, nor simplicity, nor impossibility-of-composition, nor inconceptibility, nor imperceptibility, neither man, nor angel, nor god; in fine, neither anything at all for which man has ever found a name, nor any operation which falls within the range either of his perception or conception. Such, or rather far more removed from the power of man's comprehension, was the state of non-being, when [if we can speak of 'when' in a state beyond time and space] the Deity beyond being, without thinking, or feeling, or determining, or choosing, or being compelled, or desiring, willed to create universality."

"When I use the term 'will,'" writes Basilides, "I do so merely to suggest the idea of an operation transcending all volition, thought, or sensible action. And this universality also was not [our] dimensional and differentiable universe, which subsequently came into existence and was separated [from other universes], but the Seed of all universes.", see: The Divinity Beyond Being"

In The Tripartite Tractate:

"He alone is the one who knows himself as he is, along with his Form and his greatness and his magnitude.

And since he has the ability to conceive of himself, to see himself, to name himself, to comprehend himself, he alone is the one who is his own mind, his own eye, his own mouth, his own Form, and he is what he thinks, what he sees, what he speaks, what he grasps, himself, the one who is inconceivable, ineffable, incomprehensible, immutable, while sustaining, joyous, true, delightful, and restful is that which he conceives, that which he sees, that about which he speaks, that which he has as thought. He transcends all wisdom, and is above all intellect, and is above all glory, and is above all beauty, and all sweetness, and all greatness, and any depth and any height, see: The Most High Father in Gnosticism."

In principle, the way as I see it is that; The Unmanifest Absolute, aspect - A, The Pleroma is seeing as Masculine-Principal, see: "Masculine and Feminine".

The Manifest Absolute; aspect - B, The Kenoma in A+ B and all other aspects below are seeing as a Feminine Principle. In principle, the Kenoma is of the same vibration as The Pleroma.
I think that The Kenoma is home to common consciousness for all the spiritual beings located below The Pleroma. Any creation below The Kenoma is a grossly distorted reflection of The Pleroma. Therefore creating; I would call, the cosmic duality. Also, a Feminine-Principle known as Sophia-Achamoth or Divine Wisdom is on charge of it.

From my perspective and from where I stand;

" The Pleroma " is home to The Highest Undivided Consciousness and many Spiritual Multiverses.

Each Spiritual Multiverse is home to many Spiritual Universes. Each Spiritual Universe is home to many Spiritual and Material Dimensions; that makes " The Pleroma " expandable to Infinity. Any Higher Consciousness level is aware about all activities in any of the Lower Consciousness levels.

"The Kenoma" as a Common Consciousness to everything located below "The Pleroma" is managed by a "Feminine-Principle" known as The Sophia-Achamoth or a Divine-Wisdom.

Each material dimension consist of billions of stars, planets and life forms. Non of the live forms duplicate themselfs; they all, are different.

Another way looking at it.
The Multiverses, Universes and Dimensions are different levels of consciousness. It is easier to picture it like an onion layers, in which outer layer extends to infinity.
The most inner layer is the matter. The living matter is the lowest layer of consciousness; see it as crystallized living and non living energies. The incarnated Souls, when freed from this crystallized living consciousness that dwells in the matter, Us; could be transferred into any dimension that is located in any of the multiverses, and incarnate again in a most living intelligent a species in that dimension.
That way the Soul acquire immense knowledge which would be followed by so call " The Christ-Consciousness ".
Therefore, the Soul will be freed from further incarnations and transferred to the most advance layer of the consciousness; the outer layer of infinity, "The Pleroma". Only proper conduct; good Karma toward other people can lead to that kind of a final conclusion.

Any Multiverse consists of; a Central Spirit World aspect " C " on my chart, birthplace of Souls.
After initial education in Central Spirit World, the Souls are redistributed into 7 Spiritual Universes and into 7 Spritual Dimensions, which in turn are overlaying another 7 Material Dimensions.
The Souls, known as traveller Souls, can and do travel, incarnate and reincarnate in advance life forms in any of the Material Dimansions in any of the Multiverses located below "The Kenoma", the " B " on my chart.
All of the Multiverses, Universes and Material Dimensions are interlocked with eachother, similar to links in a chain like relationship.

Manifest Absolute - The Kenoma: - A+ B, Aspect B, is Home to, Kenoma local Consciousness, Kenoma local Potentialities and Kenoma local Possibilities. Aspect - B in Kenoma A+B, is Sophia Achamoth and Her Sonship, The Divine Spark:
The Divine Spark, as per Valentinianism, a protological philosophy and in Basilidians Third Sonship, is incarnated as a Spirit within the Souls of; the Old Testament figure known as Melchizedek the High Priest and King of Salem, the New Testament figure known as Jesus Christ, Buddhists- Buddha, Islam- Muhammad and other religions prophets; see: Ancient Christna. The role of " The Divine Spark " is to inform Souls, in the Noetic Absolute about existence of The Pleroma.

Basilidian wrote:

Noetic Absolute: A+B+ C, Home to aspect C- The Source, Father of our Souls, Noetic Absolute local Consciousness, Noetic Absolute local Potentialities and Noetic Absolute local Possibilities. In most esoteric religions. The Creator of our visible Universes or Dimensions. He came to the existence in the image of The Pleroma, The Logos. A powerful masculine principle, beyond our comprehension. Inteligent Living Light Spiritual Energy. To the most esoteric religions, The Father, The God. I see Him as a respectful Father of our Souls, a God but, not The Most High God.

Basilidian wrote:

"... but let no mortal think that he can comprehend so great a being, "for he is more ineffable than ineffables, more potent than potencies, wiser than the wise, superior to every excellence that one can name..."

Quoting the The Basilidian 2000 years ago, read: The Great Ruler | The Demiurge in Valentinianism | Ptolemy's Letter to Flora

Also, on the existence of The Pleroma and The Most High Presence, The Most High Father quoted by The Basilidian 2000 years ago, read: The Divinity Beyond Being.

In 2nd century B.C., Irenaeus in Against Heresies wrote:


...He was in the image of the only-begotten Son, and the angels and archangels created by him were in the image of the rest of the AEons. They affirm, therefore, that he was constituted the Father and God of everything outside of the Pleroma, being the creator of all animal and material substances... From this circumstance they style him Metropator,(5) Apator, Demiurge, and Father, saying that he is Father of the substances on the right hand, that is, of the animal, but Demiurge of those on the left, that is, of the material, while he is at the same time the king of all..."

Gnostic mythos

see: Sophia_(Gnosticism). Available under the [url= ... ed_License" rel="license]Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License[/url]

In most versions of the Gnostic mythos, it is Sophia who brings about this instability in the Pleroma, in turn bringing about the creation of materiality. According to some Gnostic texts, the crisis occurs as a result of Sophia trying to emanate without her syzygy or, in another tradition, because she tries to breach the barrier between herself and the unknowable [url=" title="Bythos]Bythos[/url]. After cataclysmically falling from the Pleroma, Sophia's fear and anguish of losing her life (just as she lost the light of the One) causes confusion and longing to return to it. Because of these longings, matter (Greek: ,) and soul (Greek: psych,) accidentally come into existence. The creation of the Demiurge (also known as Yaldabaoth, "Son of Chaos") is also a mistake made during this exile. The Demiurge proceeds to create the physical world in which we live, ignorant of Sophia, who nevertheless manages to infuse some spiritual spark or pneuma into his creation.Almost all Gnostic systems of the Syrian or Egyptian type taught that the universe began with an original, unknowable God, referred to as the Parent or Bythos, or as the Monad by Monoimus. From this initial unitary beginning, the One spontaneously emanated further Aeons, being pairs of progressively 'lesser' beings in sequence. Together with the source from which they emanate they form the Pleroma, or fullness, of God, and thus should not be seen as distinct from the divine, but symbolic abstractions of the divine nature. The transition from the immaterial to the material, from the noumenal to the sensible, is brought about by a flaw, or a passion, or a sin, in one of the Aeons.

In the Pistis Sophia, Christ is sent from the Godhead in order to bring Sophia back into the fullness (Pleroma). Christ enables her to again see the light, bringing her knowledge of the spirit (Greek: pneuma,). Christ is then sent to earth in the form of the man Jesus to give men the Gnosis needed to rescue themselves from the physical world and return to the spiritual world. In Gnosticism, the Gospel story of Jesus is itself allegorical: it is the Outer Mystery, used as an introduction to Gnosis, rather than being literally true in a historical context. For the Gnostics, the drama of the redemption of the Sophia through Christ or the Logos is the central drama of the universe. The Sophia resides in all of us as the Divine Spark.

See also:

---The Mind Games of the "Higher and Lower Psychism" or the Archons, listening to John Lash Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism.

---The Ladies of "My Spiritual Bridal Chamber".

---" Sound creates, is the energy source" for the Galactic Center.

---" The Middle", please Click Here.

Cosmos Duality: A+B+C+ D: Home to aspect D: Well, we could look also into Valentinianism, a protology philosophy around year 140 AD, teaches that; the Pleroma's Anthropos and Ecclesia became parents to six pairs of Masculine-Feminine Aeons means the youngest Aeon known as The Sophia-Wisdom would become a 12th Eaon, but in Sethianism. In principle, She IS The Mother of everything below The Pleroma.
Her action stemmed from a pure love to The Most High Father, and attempting to see Her Father without participation of Her consort; which could be seen as an attempt to impose Her Feminine-Principle over Her consort Masculine-Principle.
It has a potential of becoming the so call high " I " which was a no no, the so call high " I " is not existent in Pleroma. All Pleroma Aeons are known as " The All ", and are seen as a unity, unified as and known as " The One "; She could as well be reabsorbed into pure light of The Most High Father.
Therefore, Her nevertheless noble attempt gave birth to unwanted energies. Those energies were immediately removed and relocated by The Most High Father to an empty space below The Pleroma known as The Kenoma. Keep in mind that Pleroma's nature IS regarded as a Masculine-Principle.
In the entire, all Multiverses; only The Pleroma " Most High Father " can step out from His Androgyne form whenever He wishes so. All others must have consent of theirs Consorts.
Note here; the manifestation of The Most High Father of love to everything that came to existence; He could destroy those unwanted energies, but He did not destroy them.
As, a consequence of those activities much later in time we had the so called series of " Big-Bangs ". Pleroma's Sophia-Wisdom daughter, known as The Sophia-Achamoth was put on charge, on management of The Kenoma and everything else below The Kenoma.
Therefore, in Valentinians protological philosophy it makes Her a thirteenth Aeon, looking from the top down but; She dwells one level below The Pleroma known as The Kenoma, in some religions known as eight level, but in the Lower Ogdoad; She works extremely hard to fix the prior error, strive to achieve redemption of all the Spirits that either, descended or came to an existence below The Pleroma.
The purified living intelligent energies sequentially stay in:
Pleroma's Sophia-Wisdom did stay in Unmanifest Absolute - A.
The rest of purified and unpurified living intelligent energies were relocted to The Kenoma - B and Noetic Absolute - C.
Some partially purified and unpurified living intelligent energies landed in the Cosmos Duality: C+ D+ E: aspects, D. I consider aspect D, shaded area on the sketch, a home to all exoteric religions. Home to 7 spiritual dimensions, overlaying 7 material dimensions.
And, perhaps home to so call Sethian Demiourgos, a God of all the Abrahamic and some other religions.
His characteristics are; neither perfect good or evil. In principle He IS good but; most of the time, He sits midway, between perfect good, and I would say He is strict.
Aspect E, in shaded area on the sketch, manifested itself as some earthbound spirits confined to matter.
Known to some, me included as, the "Lower Psychism" or Archons.
Keep in mind, that the potential of becoming an " I " manifested and still manifesting itself in activities of dark spirits or archons; an anomaly, a mutation that came to light in 1953, similar to a DNA mutation on this planet earth but, confined to matter.
Then, as further separating from Unmanifest Absolute, Manifest Absolute-The Kenoma and Noetic Absolute; came to the existence Cosmos Duality: A+B+C+D+ E, Home to aspect - E; Series of side by side Big-Bangs. Creating 7 material dimensions interlocked together similar to, links in a chain links. Dark ( unknown ) energy. In a fraction of a second conversion of non material chaotic energies to matter and antimatter, ancient collision between matter and antimatter, sun nuclear fusion generating neutrinos and other cosmic living and nonliving intelligent and non intelligent energies.

Quotation below is a best proof of the existence of The Noetic Absolute The Presence. Note, I do not consider The Presence as the Demiurge. I am certain the Demiurge rules as an aspect " D " on my sketch, which is one level below The Presence.

Quoting the The Basilidian 2000 years ago, read: The Great Ruler | The Demiurge in Valentinianism | Ptolemy's Letter to Flora

Also, on the existence of The Pleroma and The Most High Presence, The Most High Father quoted by The Basilidian 2000 years ago, read: The Divinity Beyond Being.

It seems to me; the pure sound is the one that creates all of the energies, is The Most High Father's " Feminine-Principle " that animates all Multiverses, including, see: " The All " in The Pleroma.

The manifestation of First Space, aspect " C " is seen by some as the lower or middle Pleroma ( note: The Most High Father, aspect " A " was not manifested yet ), is also seen in; the Bridal-Chamber, as well in the regions of the First Commandment and up to the regions of the First Mystery which is the Mystery of the Father. Within the Veil, within the First Commandment say: " To Love God above all things, and thy neighbour as thyself " then the Sixth Mystery, which is the manifestation of Second Space, aspects " D and E ": The Spirit is strong, but the flesh is weak. Do not fall into temptation ", think Karma, Soul incarnation and reincarnation. The soul, sex, temptation, downfall and regeneration are found hidden within the Sixth Mystery. see: Pistis Sophia and Mysteries.

I think that the Feminine Principle, from the ancient times is known to us as The Holy Ghost is using this ( unknown ) dark energy to position, form, shape, and permeate everything.
Then, we came to the existence, Us; from that cosmic primordial soup of this organic world located in the inorganic part of the universe we came to the existence. We are one of the living a species, that are made up of the Soul the carrier of a Spirit that incarnates in Homo Sapiens a species, Us. Therefore we are made up of intelligent living energies like Soul, Spirit and Matter.

Mme. Blavatsky

" Man is also triune: he has his objective, physical body; his vitalizing astral body (or soul), the real
man; and these two are brooded over and illuminated by the third -- the sovereign, the immortal spirit.
When the real man succeeds in merging himself with the latter, he becomes an immortal entity. "

"Christ - the true esoteric SAVIOUR? - is no man, but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the 'sepulchre' of his sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him. The 'Son of Man' is no child of the bond-woman - flesh, but verily of the free-woman - Spirit, the child of man's own deeds, and the fruit of his own spiritual labour." Blavatsky, Collected Writings, 8:173. see: Son."

Mme Blavatsky quote:

CHRISTNA. Epoch: Uncertain. European science fears to commit itself. But the Brahmanical calculations fix it at about 6,877 years ago.

And again:

Thus, Christos, as a unity, is but an abstraction: a general idea representing the collective aggregation of the numberless spirit-entities, which are the direct emanations of the infinite, invisible, incomprehensible FIRST CAUSE -- the individual spirits of men, erroneously called the souls. They are the divine sons of God, of which some only overshadow mortal men -- but this the majority -- some remain forever planetary spirits, and some -- the smaller and rare minority -- unite themselves during life with some men. Such God-like beings as Gautama-Buddha, Jesus, Tissoo, Christna, and a few others had united themselves with their spirits permanently -- hence, they became gods on earth. Others, such as Moses, Pythagoras, Apollonius, Plotinus, Confucius, Plato, Iamblichus, and some Christian saints, having at intervals been so united, have taken rank in history as demi-gods and leaders of mankind. When unburthened of their terrestrial tabernacles, their freed souls, henceforth united forever with their spirits, rejoin the whole shining host, which is bound together in one spiritual solidarity of thought and deed, and called "the anointed." Hence, the meaning of the Gnostics, who, by saying that "Christos" suffered spiritually for humanity, implied that his Divine Spirit suffered mostly.

In reference to above statement I do disagree. I would say that my enlightenment, if I can call it an enlightenment came to me in a manner I call; a lengthly, over 8 years, 24x7 attempt of hostile forces, to take over of my mind by archonic spirit entities.

The enlightenment can come, either by a descent or an ascent both at the same time, in a dual state. That is exactly the way did happen to me.

In his article reposted on this website, with Prof. J. D. Turner permission, he states:

The achievement of gnosis in three stages of enlightenment, whether conveyed by a descent or an ascent, is not as such the legacy of Plato to these Barbeloite treatises, since this feature is found also in Jewish and Christian apocalyptic. Rather, the peculiar legacy of Plato is to be found in the basically emanationistic metaphysical ontology that structures the transcendent world of these treatises. In the final section, it will be suggested that the three-stage descent scheme of these treatises is basically un-Platonic, on the other hand, in these treatises, the three-stage ascent, although found in Jewish and Christian apocalyptic, is of Platonic inspiration insofar as the knower at each stage assimilates to his own being the form of being proper to the level at which he finds himself, see: Three Stages of Enlightenment.
Two Becomes Three - The Reflection in Matter of Cosmic Creation, see: Sound and Harmony

The union of spirit with matter in form produces consciousness (the Son aspect). The entire human process of reproduction and birth is laden with reflective symbols of the Cosmic creation. During the process of creation, the Masculine - Feminine polarization occurs, in turn reflecting the properties of spirit and matter respectively as the Masculine and Feminine poles.

Symbolically, Man as a species represents the Son aspect (the fecundation of matter and spirit), because, of all a species forms, the indwelling God is most fully present in the human a species. Man represents the half way point between the tiny atom of matter and the Cosmic Atom of the universe. It is said:

The Whole Creation Groaneth... awaiting the coming of the Sons of God
That is because man in the collective sense literally becomes the "hands and feet" of God on the Earth plane - the middle ground of manifestation between the microcosm of the atom and the macrocosm of galaxies and galactic clusters. When fully Divinized, the individual human becomes an instrument of the Divine on Earth, carrying out the Divine purpose. Man becomes the middle entity between Spirit and Matter. In this threesome we find the trinity of the Christian religion: Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Matter is the Holy Ghost because it is the shadow (ghost) of spirit and is matter consisting of living atoms and imbued with all the intelligence that emanates from the Creator (hence, for example, the complex crystal forms and atomic bonding forming molecules capable of reproducing themselves).

The Trinity of Manifestation

Spirit, Consciousness. Matter
Father, Son, Holy Ghost

In Vedic thought the trinity is spoken of in terms of the stages of the cyclic appearances of the manifested universe spun out from the One entity called Brahman, Brahmam and other various titles by diverse religions. Brahman is said to be above, below, behind and within all manifestation. In the Vedas, the three stages of the manifested universe are identified as - creation (Brahma), preservation (Vishnu or Mahavishnu), destruction (Shiva or Rudra). These stages may also be denoted as Generation, Organization, Destruction which in their entirety make up the One - G. O. D.

Esoteric Christianity utterings:

I think that Valentinian Divine Spark and Melchizedek person-spirit is one and the same, the manifestation of a Higher Spirit The Pleroma: Man, The Anthropos, The New Testament Son of Man, The Old Testament, the priest of God Most High, Gen 14:18-20.see: Ancient Christna. In my opinion allegorizing to a Spirit that dwell's in our incarnated Souls. Soul as a median intelligent energy is needed for the Spirit to be able to descend to the living matter. Otherwise, a true living Prophet is a person's Soul incarnated with Melchizedek Spirit. The Soul and the Spirit need eachother in order to manifest themselves in the living matter.

So, I started developing an interst, to follow up on first 200 years of Christianity. Therefore, chart on the left is reflecting what I believe. Extensive reading on Esoteric Christianity about Valentinius, Basillideans and others make me believe that our World, the Planet Earth is run by Spirits, aspect D in A+B+C+ D that are confined to matter. Since the year 2008, for 7 years I had been in touch with spirit entities. On few different ocasions, flying above 33 thousand feet, communication between me and the talking spirits was cut off. That proved to me beyond any doubt that those spirits are confined to this planet earth and run all exoteric religions and cults of this organic world located in the inorganic part of the universe. Its seems to me that what is conceived on earth stays on earth.

A word of Caution: Soon you move from exoteric ( where you have a true priest mediating on your behalf ) religious practice and believes into the esoteric religious practice and believes, you ARE on your own. I guaranty you that some earthbound spirits; the masters in managing the life on this planet earth but confined to matter, immediately will attached themselves to you, and WILL try to instill, this so call high " I " into you. Telling you that you are the master of the Universe, the God that descended to this, I call it hell; look around you, the live on this planet earth IS hell.

One need to realize though; that even those Spirits can manifest workings of a Creator, The Father, The Source, The God. That is exactly what did happened to me. So, be aware about it. Ultimately we all pray to the same Creator, The Father, The Source, The God.

A Tridentine Mass. A beautiful manifestation of faith toward an unknown God; see: Tridentine Mass Vs. Vatican II Mass.

With Us, came to existance the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook", read below.

I think that challenges and difficulties of Karma, are imposed on us by a medium or a mediator by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook"; the animal elements or power of desire..., absorbing after death, after the Soul departed, that which it has collected ( through its insatiable desire to live ) during life, i.e. all the astral vitality as well as all the impressions of its material acts and thoughts..., forms the dregs of the animal mind; the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" or Kama rupa, this has life in it, but in varying degrees hardly any consciousness and is confined to matter.
Denying Soul's ability to incarnate and reincarnate, could motivate a medium or a mediator and must drawn into the currents of its thoughts, when as it were by proxy the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" in order to impose on us theirs will.
Mediumship; animal, uncontrolled, negative and automatic, the "Lower Psychism", by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" could take a negative approach. It could attack your Soul through your flesh, by instilling in your mind a thought of, suicide, narcissism, extreme selfishness, being angry, reckoning it all together; bad karma, like taking advantage of people when they are the most vulnerable, and other evil works.
Mediatorship; Semi-Divine, controlled, intelligently applied, positive, the "Higher Psychism", by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" will do positive work: good karma, like to motivate you to be compassionate, loving, forgiving etc.
Keep in mind that a mediator could also act as a medium for its own reasons, think (testing).

The Universal Law of Harmony

This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma. For " true good will " is intrinsically good; its value is wholly self-contained and utterly independent of its external relations. Therefore, " true good will " is the supreme potential of balance. The purpose of Karma is to attain harmony. If you throw a rock into a still pond you will disturb the harmony of that pond, you are the cause. The effect is a splash and series of waves on the surface of water that flows back and forth until the harmony is restored. Consequently, your incompatible actions with " true good will " will flow into the Universe and eventually will fell back on you, lifetime after life time, until your own " true good will " is restored.


... More than one great scholar has stated that there never was a religious founder, whether Aryan, Semitic or Turanian, who had invented a new religion, or revealed a new truth. These founders were all transmitters, not original teachers. They were the authors of new forms and interpretations, while the truths upon which the latter were based were as old as mankind. Selecting one or more of those grand verities -- actualities visible only to the eye of the real Sage and Seer -- out of the many orally revealed to man in the beginning, preserved and perpetuated in the adyta of the temples through initiation, during the mysteries and by personal transmission -- they revealed these truths to the masses. Thus every nation received in its turn some of the said truths, under the veil of its own local and special symbolism; which, as time went on, developed into a more or less philosophical cultus, a Pantheon in mythical disguise ...

--Secret Doctrine

Mme. Blavatsky

"The origin of all religions Judaeo-Christianity included is to be found in a few primeval truths, not one of which can be explained apart from all the others, as each is a complement of the rest in some one detail. And they are all, more or less, broken rays of the same Sun of truth, and their beginnings have to be sought in the archaic records of the Wisdom-religion. Without the light of the latter, the greatest scholars can see but the skeletons thereof covered with masks of fancy, and based mostly on personified Zodiacal signs."

The Blessed Virgin Mary, as a portrayal of The Divine Feminine; must be recognized in dogma of
the Church, as a Mediatrix / Co-Redemptrix participating in the works of Jesus Christ.

" The workings of the human body are an analogy for the workings of the universe. " --
Leonardo da Vinci (1452 - 1519)

... The true prophet has no need for sanctimoniousness. We call it exactly as we see it, and if the language offends, we have absolutely no care, because it is not the prophet's duty to please people but to inform them of what they can expect when they continue to act as ever they have acted for thousands of years.
And, it is a greater one who is not afraid to be ribald, than one who pretends to be holy. And that is the measure of the False Prophet, for the False Prophet is one who knows not how to laugh, to be all people to all people, and has no respect for the truly serious and solemn and the sublime, yet pretends to be serious when it comes time to reprimanding everybody else, calling them all sinners, while he sins in his closet, and takes himself so seriously that one expose too many eventually unmasks him and takes him out.
To be a Son of God, one must come down to the level of the Sons of Men and find them fair (fair game for pranks in some, but not all, cases!) (and not only the Daughters of Men, are to be sought, either!) ...
~~~Count Welldone. Past Regent of the Ordre des Illumines Veritas.
In summary:

All Souls, Spirits in entire Universe are equal. There is no so called higher or lower " I ". Each of said Souls and Spirits perform a function according to; Local Consciousness, Local Potentialities and Local Possibilities. That way we all are as One.

The Intuitive Wisdom of The Holy Ghost, " The Feminine-Principle " MUST take over the power from the brute force
of the " Lower Psychism " " Masculine-Principle " which IS confined to matter, imposed on Us, the homos sapiens; by any establishment accepting the ancient Babylonian power grub energy into its systems and operations.
No matter whether it was or is a cyvilian or ecclesiastical organization. The ancient Babylonian energy, will pervert any of the said organizations intentions into an evil type of acclivities like; wars, blood sacrifices, revenge, fear and suffering etc.
Therefore this ancient Babylonian energy is trying to wrestle, the Nurishing-Preserving energies from the " Feminine Principle " of The Holy Ghost, a Nurishing-Preserving Force, and turn it into the ancient Babylonian style male destructive force.
I can see, this ancient Babylonian style male destructive force, is manifesting itself in governments and countries, where there are huge armies and huge, protological, soteriological, eschatological and ecclesiastical organizations.


Our Souls have a free will, just as we have it. Forcefully sending massive numbers of Souls back home is very dangerous.
If the Souls start refusing incarnating on our earth. Therefore, The Souls would stop importing good, loving energy to this planet earth; again therefore, this earth WILL become barren, bleak and lifeless.

The lobbyists of every government are working towards the same goal of one religion, one power hungry government, having as a long term agenda, contrary to " true good will ", contrary to good Karma, wanting to; eliminate 93% of earth's population, see: Depopulation. Hopefully this attempt will fail.

So the humanity can live; as the Adi Da Samraj said:
" No individual should live as the superior, or the inferior, or even the equal, of all others. Rather, each should live as the intimate servant of others through love. The true politics of human relationships is the politics of servants everywhere--every one serving, and every one served. " (From "The Incarnation of Love")

Think for yourself and do not quickly accept ideas. Test all things:
; hold fast what is good. (1 Thes. 5:21)
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