My " Spiritual Bridal-Chamber ", short version

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My " Spiritual Bridal-Chamber ", short version

Post by Bogdan » Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:39 pm

My " Spiritual Bridal-Chamber ".

I Am Speaking of the Truth that sometimes hurt.

Spirits are androgynous intelligent energy that dwell in visible and nonvisible Multiverse.
Spirits can and do manifest themselves to Us, and must be regarded, first of all, as;
Masculine and Feminine Principle. " Feminine Principle " a Nurishing-Preserving Force, and " Masculine Principle " a Creative Force

The Prime Universal Law is very simple:
All beings are Sovereign and have free will to express their creative energies in any way they choose; no being has the right to violate and harm others.

The Ascent of Mind and the Descent of Wisdom reposted with the author's permission

See also:

Sophia (Gnosticism),

The union of a Soul with Spirit, in a Form ( flesh ); produces Consciousness ( The Son aspect )

My Pleroma-Multiverse


Foremost I love all spirits; good, bad or any spirits between. All of them have a unique place, and a unique function to perform in total multiverse.

Because ultimately all spirits at the end-of-times; note, but NOT at the end of the present Zodiac cycle, see: The Age of Aquarius, will be offered a special re-constructive process.

Check out Fravashi-Spirit-Atman, Urvan as Soul. See also: Atman-Self-Fravashi-Spirit.

I belive that "The Middle" spirits ( Souls ); at the end-of-times, ultimately will be offered a special re-constructive process and be transferred to "The Pleroma" and joined with "Aeons" to " The One ".

A combine effort of the worst of the worst; of the Archonic spirits. Manifesting themselves as Decans and Zodiac spirits but this time, word for word; as described in "The Tripartite Tractate", see: Noble . See also: Valentinians Bridal-Chamber and/or Gnostic Q, Bridal-Chamber.

A 10 years long cycle blended with over 8 years 24x7, dynamic, interactive direct connection of my mind to the spirit world.
Consequently, a revelation; how the "Higher and Lower Psychism" spirits, at the same time both; administer, macro and micromanage life in this world. As it is done by a cosmic process, see: Salvation. A disposal of ego that hides behind my "I".

There IS only one God, "The Pleroma" "Most Higher Father", see: The Divinity Beyond Being.

Also, there are many many ways trying to get closer to "The Pleroma" "Most High Father".
We, Us, intelligent beings call it exoteric or esoteric religions.
Therefore, there is NO such thing as; my God is better as your God, or
my religion is the only true religion.

First of all, keep in mind that; IN THIS WORLD COUNTS ONLY " TRUE GOOD WILL ", THE GOOD KARMA, and it will carry the fruits of its works to the next life.

- If the Father is understood as "The Light" and the Soul is understood as "the virgin who came down", then the Bridal Chamber is the marriage (union) of the Soul with the Father"s Light. From that moment onward, the Soul wears "the garment of light", in remembrance of its marriage (union) with "The Light":

" Indeed, one must utter a mystery. The Father of everything united with the virgin who came down, and a fire shone for him on that day. He appeared in the great bridal chamber. Therefore his body (i.e. light-body or garment of light) came into being on that very day. It left the bridal chamber as one who came into being from the bridegroom and the bride.
(Gospel of Philip)

Please see: Valentinians Bridal-Chamber and/or Gnostic Q, Bridal-Chamber.

As I gather, from reading some books, and watching few videos, similar to, see: Michael Newton Journey of Souls #02 - Case Studies.
If the Souls, in the reincarnated body could not control the mind of people associated with evil acts; also depending on the nature of those evil activities, the Soul could be quickly reincarnated back on Earth. They even might select to become a victim for other evil acts in their selected reincarnation.
I also happen to believe ( verified by Spirits participating in My Bridal-Chamber ); that at the present time any soul that cannot " handle " present body correctly. Eg; while incarnated experiencing multiple, repetitious instances of killings or suicides. When back at home, this Soul could be offered; whether the soul would submit itself to a special energy refreshing process. A high ratio of good energy particles is mixed with the Soul's negative energy. Eventually good energy particles will prevail and the Soul will become active in reincarnations again. If the Soul does not accept of this special cleaning process. Most of the time; that soul might dwell in self imposed solitude for many, many earthly years. Since in their own nature, the Soul is a friendly, social and joyful intelligent energy; being in a solitude, is a harsh self imposed punishment.

As of now, I also belive that on apocaliptic scale no "Middle" spirits ( home of our Souls ) will be offered a special re-constructive process and transferred to a place known as "the void", which is located below The Pleroma;
"The Kenoma".

Please Note. Throughout reading of the whole page you must keep in mind.

"The Most Higher Father" that dwells in " The Pleroma ", aspect A on my chart; did send His own aspect of one of His incomprehensible number of attributes, and did locate it in our Souls; they are known to many as Self/Atman or Christ; in antiquity " Christna " .

Also, keep in mind, English is not my native language.

From the antiquity there are written text saying same thing; people sense a higher "Being" in themselves, even higher from a Spirit known as the Soul; I and many other people call this "Being" a personal Spirit/Atman which was imparted into our Souls at the time of conception.

Since Upper Aeons of " The Pleroma " are Androgynous pairs; opposites in perfect balance with eachother, those are qualities of "The Pleroma". Therefore leading to both, all at the same time; Nothingness and Fullness, " The Perfection ".

We are confined within time and space. Therefore we are distinguished from "The Pleroma". Because " The Most Higher Father " of "The Pleroma" Spirit particle; the personal Self/Atman descended into our dimension of time and space; joined Us here on this planet earth within our Souls. We have no language to possibly describe this personal Self/Atman attributes. We cannot speak about any characteristics of any Spirit that came here from "The Pleroma", "The Perfection","The Fullness". Both, at the same time, Nothingness and Fullness. We would be speaking from the ground of our own distinctivenessand concerning our own distinctiveness.

I consider our earth organic planet located in a hostile part of inorganic universe. Surrounded on all sides by a negative charge of intelligent dark energies, blended withing the molecular structure of the air we breath.
Therefore this hostile intelligent dark energy ability to influence and to lock our minds into our own wills and desires for power, lust and greed is the very cause of all miseries in this world. We need to have strong true goodwill convictions and beliefs in order to be able to minimize it to a very minimum.

"Higher and Lower Psychism". Since everything IS energy; consciousness is energy, our thoughts are energy, flesh is multiple crystallized energies but combine together. All of those energies are pingable by Lower-Psychism. I kept hearing those pings, to the point that I thought that my skull will split open on the next ping and much more; for over 8 years.
This ping feedback gives the Lower-Psychism a snapshot of the condition of all your energies at any moment. Normal people do not seem to be aware of it. I was permitted to hear this pings and much more because of my "Bridal-Chamber" experience status that lasted for over 8 years. I said it more than once and will say it again; everything IS manifested in "The Bridal-Chamber"

As a consequence of it I know how the Lower-Psychism is managing this world but I also know that they can do it; only up to 33,000 feet. Therefore I am 100% certain that the Lower-Psychism is the one that invented and operates occults, see: Occult Holidays and Sabbats.
There is much much more to it but I cannot talk about it. I can only give one advise to anybody; have good, true, honest intentions, works; good Karma toward other people.


Time-line for spiritual energies that are affecting our behaviour, affecting our subconscious; was tested by me over and over again with up to the minute accuracy for a bit of over 9 years.

You must apply activities of dark spirits energies in context of; a must read, The Gospel of Truth,
focus yourself on The Error.

So, in general I consider that archons have one thought in common. Make certain that the Souls of the Homo-Sapiens will come back to this earth, reincarnate.
A good word to describe archons is, Frenemies.

Archons developed a system of hijacking the Homo-Sapiens minds. They can and do expand their own energies into our minds, and so call " freeze " it at a certain level.
In general but by no means final, there are 3 levels of archons hold on our minds.

The Levels of archonic possible hold on our mind:

1. Hylic personality is a person that me me and only me counts in theirs live. Taking advantage of others in any situation are their goals. Those people love wars and love to invade others so they can satisfied their urge for power. Archons love those people. Guaranteeing their souls reincarnation.

2. Psychic personality is a person that likes company of people similar to their own personalty. They recognize existence of spirit world, they believe in God and like to practice moral standards given to them by their religions. Bible, and other scriptures exoteric or literal translation is theirs standard. This type of people are the most, I would call attacked by the archons. Archons do not have any idea if a soul of this kind of a person will reincarnate in this world. Keep in mind; the Souls have a choice where or whether they should to incarnate or reincarnate.

3. Spiritual or Pneumatic, see: Three Types Of Humans; is a person that most likely will be excentric. This person see this world as a living hell, count me here. Loves God but often wonders about how this God is running this world. Practically lost it"s will to pray. But will pray for deceased people Souls. Have no interest in worldly desires for himself/herself.
Most likely the Soul of this Spiritual or Pneumatic person originated in some other dimension with perhaps slightly higher level of consciousness ( so call traveler souls ) and incarnated here in our earthly dimension to gain new experience. Archons will use such a person and manifest themselves in a manner like; bridal-chamber, stigmata, prophets, even a bushman holy man is in this category. In general there are about 2 people out of a 100 in this category. So, do not let archons take over your mind, use your free will to control it.

In actuality archons by theirs own nature will try to take possession of the Spiritual people minds, but archons also are willing to reveal some significant truth about the spirit world operation here on this planet earth; in practise how this world operates. The Bridal-Chamber is one of those revelation. Archons know that this person Soul is no longer coming back here to this world. This person Soul joined together with his/her personal Spirit/Atman will go to the level of the highest consciousness. In gnosticism it is called "The Pleroma".

See also:

The Mind Games of the "Higher and Lower Psychism" or the Archons, listening to John Lash Archons, Sophia and Gnosticism

The Ladies of "My Spiritual Bridal Chamber".

Our Spiritual Path and listening to Michael Newton Journey of Souls #02 - Case Studies

In order, to even start comprehend my Spiritual Bridal-Chamber please read first; the article The Ascent of Mind and the Descent of Wisdom. Starting with Three Stages of Enlightenment.

So, what is an ancient Hieros-Gamos or gnostics Bridal-Chamber. The catechumen becomes a "faith son of God".

You must remember, throughout the whole article; She "The Feminine-Principle".
She is known to many people as "The Holy-Ghost". She is a manifestation of "The Most High Mother" located on the highest, "The Pleroma".
She "The Holy-Ghost" and The Soul with The Self within the Soul ARE The Superstars here; not the catechumen.
The catechumen is a bystander, a messenger, secondary here.

Well, many people see the catechumen's Spirit as a mediator between themselves and The God; not realizing that they also
have the same Spirit within themselfs, within their own Soul.

I said "The Holy-Ghost", that is what I mean; She Is an aspect of an attribute of "The Most High Mother" located on the highest, "The Pleroma"[/url]. "The Holy-Ghost" down here; She IS the manifestation of our Souls, on this planet earth planes.

Spirit world was and is always using prophets, sages, gurus, as it was done in antiquity;
The Bridal-Chamber is a predestined strongly assertive, almost hostile manifestation, or perhaps invitation from the spirit world to introduce behavioral changes into present spiritual beliefs and religions, which are necessary due to the dynamic changes in our world consciousness. It seems they do it every; at the beginning or the end of a decans/zodiac cycle, which is every 2160 years.

The zodiac cycle might also be used to; see: Weed Out false religions. See also: Third Testament.

It certainly seems to me that archons are using evil to destroy something that had good beginning but turned into evil. This kind of things would be done at the end and at the beginning of the zodiac archons activities. They create new cult or religion at the beginning of the zodiac cycle, and destroy it at the end of the zodiac cycle but only if their own creations turned into evil. Example evil destroing evil would be; Stalin evil destroyed Hitler evil.

Also if one wish a bad luck to anybody, be prepared for bad luck to visit you as well.

Judging from my spiritual experience. A Bridal-Chamber IS a revelation how the spirits of this world manage this life, in this world. But in duality of Archons.

The catechumen will received his enlightenment activities in a manner of his own character.

Example; I am a very skeptic type of a person. To try convince me about anything new one has to pull all his resources to convince me about anything. By the same token I will know who, or what kind of a person one is. That is what did happened to me in my "Bridal-Chamber". It was 2 steps forward and 1 step back experience.

As I sad before our organic earth is located in inorganic part of the universe.
On one hand catechumen will receive enlightenment, but at the same time the archons are trying to expand their energies into the catechumen mind in order to take over it. Think about a wild animal setting up a trap. Sometimes this animal makes itself visible in order to instill fear into its target. Then after; will set a trap, so this wild animal can get its victim. Archons work precisely same way. They might get you to pray to them ( pretendig that they are a God ), while at the same time archons are sneaking their own energies on your mind. They do it in a very subtle manner. Use your Free-Will to control your activities toward others. Keep good Karma alive. If interested keep reading. I am certain you will learn something new.

Actually modern days scientist string theory and multiverses theory already manifesting God"s works in a more thoughtful way. In antiquity the majority of the esoteric religions knew about it already, but did keep it in secret and sometimes use it for not so noble purpose.
As it was applied to me. This is a 10 years long process with over 8 years of long, direct, dynamic 24x7 spirits interaction with the cathecumen.
Now, the spirits located below The Pleroma will do everything possible to take over this catechumen mind.
So, how it is done. As, I said before. Our earth organic planet is located in a hostile part of inorganic universe. Only our Sun intelligent energies can and do offset those hostile dark energies. From my experience it is only 3 hours out of 24 hours in a day; 12p.m. or noon till 3p.m. that is only 1/8th of a day is clearly most suitable to do our prayers to our creator, without interference from the dark energy spirits. At any other time in a day or night; in varying degrees our minds are attempted to be taken and controlled by the hostile dark energies. Keep in mind they cannot overrule our " Free-Will ".

If interested, keep on reading.

I do consider all exoteric religions spirits located in aspect, D and E on my sketch.

The Bridal-Chamber mystery. It is directed by archons, at the same time in left and right hand manner. Same way, as it was done for thousands of years, an abstraction, a general idea representing the collective aggregation of the numberless spirit-entities; see: Ancient Christna and Cerinthus.

"Christ - the true esoteric SAVIOUR? - is no man but the DIVINE PRINCIPLE in every human being. He who strives to resurrect the Spirit crucified in him by his own terrestrial passions, and buried deep in the 'sepulchre' of his sinful flesh; he who has the strength to roll back the stone of matter from the door of his own inner sanctuary, he has the risen Christ in him. The 'Son of Man' is no child of the bond-woman - flesh but verily of the free-woman - Spirit, the child of man's own deeds, and the fruit of his own spiritual labour." Blavatsky, Collected Writings, 8:173. see: Son.

Mme Blavatsky quote:

CHRISTNA. Epoch: Uncertain. European science fears to commit itself. But the Brahmanical calculations fix it at about 6,877 years ago.

And again:

Thus, Christos, as a unity, is but an abstraction: a general idea representing the collective aggregation of the numberless spirit-entities, which are the direct emanations of the infinite, invisible, incomprehensible FIRST CAUSE -- the individual spirits of men, erroneously called the souls. They are the divine sons of God, of which some only overshadow mortal men -- but this the majority -- some remain forever planetary spirits, and some -- the smaller and rare minority -- unite themselves during life with some men. Such God-like beings as Gautama-Buddha, Jesus, Tissoo, Christna, and a few others had united themselves with their spirits permanently -- hence, they became gods on earth. Others, such as Moses, Pythagoras, Apollonius, Plotinus, Confucius, Plato, Iamblichus, and some Christian saints, having at intervals been so united, have taken rank in history as demi-gods and leaders of mankind. When unburthened of their terrestrial tabernacles, their freed souls, henceforth united forever with their spirits, rejoin the whole shining host, which is bound together in one spiritual solidarity of thought and deed, and called "the anointed." Hence, the meaning of the Gnostics, who, by saying that "Christos" suffered spiritually for humanity, implied that his Divine Spirit suffered mostly.

I would say that my enlightenment came to me in a manner I call; a lengthly, over 8 years, 24x7 attempt of taking over mind by archonic spirit entities. Then it seems, at a later time whole process of my enlightenment subtlety was transferred to the spirits; according to contexts described by the St. Francis of Assisi,see: Not A True Pastor, But A Destroyer.

So it seems, an enlightenment can come, either by a descent or an ascent both at the same time, in a dual state.

In his article reposted with the author's permission, he states:

The achievement of gnosis in three stages of enlightenment, whether conveyed by a descent or an ascent, is not as such the legacy of Plato to these Barbeloite treatises, since this feature is found also in Jewish and Christian apocalyptic. Rather, the peculiar legacy of Plato is to be found in the basically emanationistic metaphysical ontology that structures the transcendent world of these treatises. In the final section, it will be suggested that the three-stage descent scheme of these treatises is basically un-Platonic, on the other hand, in these treatises, the three-stage ascent, although found in Jewish and Christian apocalyptic, is of Platonic inspiration insofar as the knower at each stage assimilates to his own being the form of being proper to the level at which he finds himself

, see: Three Stages of Enlightenment.

Therefore, the Bridal-Chamber in truth, at the same time <u>must</u> be manifested by both; the "Higher and Lower Psychism".
We know that we breath approximatively 1.61e23 molecules of air at a time. That is more molecules as the sum of the all visible stars in visible universe; in 1 single breath. Negative energies are offset only by the intelligent light energies emitted by our Sun. So, how those intelligent energies that are blended in our air we breath can and do manifest themselves to Us, the Homo-Sapiens.
Obviously they can and do it in a positive or negative way. One could ask what is a positive or negative way.
I say, look for the direction given to Us by our incarnated Souls. Souls want Us to do just opposite; away from workings of wild beasts. Otherwise;

Souls want Us to; "... Do not seek, or do not take advantage of eachother; always seek mutual consent with one another ..."

How an intelligent dark or negatively charge energy could manifested themselves to Us in a positive fashion. They do it in a gradual way; not always clean cut but cults and religions are some of those manifestations. Ancient Hieros-Gamos or modern Bridal-Chamber is one of those ways. So, what is manifested in a Bridal-Chamber. Potent spirits are using our beliefs; sexual energy is bonding Us the eachother the most. So, a Bridal-Chamber is just an allegory to such a bond.Here we have to pay caution. Bonding to a wrong spirit means; guaranteeing a speedy incarnation into a next body. Because those potent spirits have the ability to lock your mind; everybody"s mind into a preset level of your beliefs or behaviour. Use your " Free-Will " to control it.

At some point, during my 10 years of this methodically, administered by; similar to the statement, writen by Valentinus in around 140A.D. " The Gospel of Truth ", see: Error, also sometimes known as Archons; in a mystical spiritual clairaudience and clairvoyance known as " The Luminous Epinoia ", at the same time brought to me by both; the "Lower and Higher Psychism".

Because the union of a Soul with Spirit, in a Form ( flesh ); produces Consciousness ( The Son aspect )

Over a span of time, in my " The Luminous Epinoia " I was involved with 12 female spirits, each of the Ladies in their own turn appeared in my Luminous Epinoia as a Feminine Spirit.
Each of my Bridal Chamber Ladies was; unique, full of dignity, able to communicate with me in the language of my prayers, English; distinct, yet modest. Each of those beautiful looking Ladies appeared in my Luminous Epinoia; the face covered with a wedding veil, in full white bridal dress, participated with me each; in a separate Spiritual Bridal-Chamber wedding ceremony which included presence of spiritual witnesses.
The character in each and of every Spiritual Bridal Chamber ceremony was such that it contained elements of both; blessing elements and unifying elements. Greatly emphasizing the unifying aspects in each ceremony.

Difficult to describe, yet it felt; there was only one Spiritual Bride in all 12 of my Spiritual unity/blessing bridal ceremonies. All of those unity/blessing Spiritual Bridal Chamber ceremonies seems to be conducted like in the heights of heavens.
It felt like some sort of vows renewal rituals. On my first Spiritual Bridal Chamber ceremony, my Spiritual-Bride was holding in both of Her hands a circular wreath made of laurel or olive leaves with two ribbons attached to the back of it. At that time I did not have any idea what it meant. It was a feeling of a total, complete oneness.
Also, years ago; at that time I did not have any idea what it meant; now, though years after it did happen; the interpersonal relations between myself and the manifested spirits, done with a feeling of a great reverence, should be regarded as similar to, see: Yarek Circumcision.
Why 12 Ladies one would ask. It would suggest that the groom is this 13th but in a positive way.
Though I think that a superstar here is The Holy-Ghost Herself, hidden as a Soul. In gnosticism She is known as " The Sophia Achamoth ".

The Sophia Achamoth is this 13th, the superstar here. The groom in bridal chamber is only the carrier of the spiritual message. Look for the true God withing yourself, manifested by Self/Atman that reside within yourself, within your own Soul.
The Sophia Achamoth, The Holy-Ghost down here, on this earth plane; She is an aspect of The Pleroma Most High Mother known in gnosticism as The Pleroma Most High Father's Thought, see: "Ennoia, Silence, Barbelo"

The Spirit world manifest themselves to Us according to our beliefs. Mandaeism are saying that the zodiac spirits, the planets, and their mother Ruha, the personified spirits, are the "Holy Ghost" (Ruha d-Qudsa). According to a few traditions, She originally belonged in the Lightworld, the gnostic Pleroma.

So, as a consequence of my Spiritual Bridal Chamber, as it was manifested to me in 12 separate bridal ceremonies that actually felt as only one ceremony, and took place in my " Luminous Epinoia "; at times, I was called by My Leading Spiritual Bride; my Son, my husband.

This manifestation, in a sensible way, of manifesting, in a way; as Mother/Father/Husband/Wife/Son/Daughter in truth, is the only way to do it properly.

Meaning; the Soul was joined together with it's own Spirit/Atman while in the flesh, here on this planet earth.

Otherwise saying, the Soul did acquired full knowledge, about its own Spirit/Atman existence; while She is incarnated in this flesh, on this planet earth, and voluntary did join that Spirit/Atman to form a unity. This total Soul Consciousness, Self-Awareness produces, allegorize to; in my case, The Son.

Manifesting, representing the archetypal masculine and feminine polarities which are the source of created life in total Multiverse. One can find this figure of the Father/Mother/Son-Daughter/Husband-Spouse in the psychologist, Carl Gustav Jung writings, see: Anima and Animus. In the antiquity the same figure of the Father/Mother/Son-Daughter/Husband-Spouse was manifested in "Hieros Gamos" similar to, also see: "The Goddess".
This Sonship-Daughtership of the Father/Mother/Son-Daughter/Husband-Spouse in present days, to many is known as our Spiritual-Mother is manifesting of; the Self/Atman/Christ/Elect/DivineSpark etc.; to others, particularly in antiquity was known as " Christna ".

But wait The Mother Ruha that originally belonged in the Lightworld descended here to Us. She is the symbolism of "Our Souls".

She imparted my Bridal-Chamber to my Soul. Now my Soul, the young bride did smell the love fragrance from here groom the Self/Atman that did join Her here on this earth plane. He was send to Her by The Pleroma "Most High Father" all the way from " The Pleroma "; He did dwell in Her all this time but in silence. He is the one that animate this human a specie we call homo sapiens; without him animating this homo sapiens, this homo sapiens would live but could not move.

Now this young bride lost it. She is full in love with Her Self/Atman, She will do anything to hold on to Him. But He does not linger. He knows that this is different from the past. He smells Her love, He wants to marry Her. She agree. United together in Bridal-Chamber by The Ruha "The Holy Ghost". Now they wait to be separated from the Ego and the Flesh. This Ego and the Flesh ( me ) knows that his existence on this earth plane is coming to the end. But somehow this Ego and the Flesh is not jealous. He wishes this brand new spiritual couple all the best.
But wait again, the archons say, both of you, not so fast we are here. Before you are separated from this flesh we the archons have something to say. And archons start playing theirs, The Mind Games. And this IS the truth. All of it was manifested to me in over of 8 years of my life.

We cannot forget that all forms of our, the Homo Sapiens activities forms all of the Karma, see: What is karma?. Therefore sooner or later leading to total redemption.

The " Holy-Ghost " Neutrality and Tripartite Aspects of its own "Feminine-Principle", a Nurishing-Preserving Force; see: "Masculine and Feminine".

OK. But this is not the end of it. The " Holy-Ghost " Neutrality and Tripartite Aspects of its own "Feminine-Principle", as it was manifested to me in my Spiritual Bridal-Chamber.

The meaning of Tripartite Aspects of; Father/Mother/Son-Daughter/Husband-Spouse in my Spiritual Bridal-Chamber.
If the lower psychism will take hold of the catechumen; by the end of his/her Spiritual Bridal-Chamber; he/she will become a hylic type of person, a leader; eg. a priest/priestess in an occult, see: Three Types of Humans, see also: "Lower and Higher Psychism"

If the higher psychism will get hold of the catechumen; by the end of his/her Spiritual Bridal-Chamber; he/she will become a "Son/Daughter" a psychic type of a person, a leader in his/her exoteric religion; eg. a faithful and dedicated catholic priest/priestess.

If the catechumen Soul and his/her own Self/Atman/Christ/Elect/DivineSpark etc. will get upper hand on the catechumen; by the end of his/her Spiritual Bridal-Chamber; he/she will become Son-Daughter/Husband-Spouse; he/she will become the so call Spiritual/Pneumatic type of a person.

He/She will actively participate in attempting to change present trends in the major religions; for better, there is no room for any kind of violence in this Spiritual/Pneumatic person mind.

The Spiritual/Pneumatic type of a person, this Son-Daughter/Husband-Spouse; He/She will become involved much deeper, in the redemptive process of all Souls and Spirits below the Pleroma; including all the so call exoteric and esoteric Gods, as well The Sophia-Achamoth Herself. Otherwise saying, all existance located below " The Pleroma ", aspect A on my chart,. Keep in mind that for the catechumen to achieve the final spiritual state, the catechumen MUST past through all 3 stages of his/her Spiritual Bridal-Chamber experience.

So from the fires of the "Bridal-Chamber" and from fighting His personal armageddon battle against archons invasion of his mind, for over 8 years; emerge new birth, a new bird know as Phoenix which according to some traditions will rule for next 1000 years and beyond. But this newborn Phoenix also supports the works of a 2000 years old Phoenix.

Therefore all of the humanity, in order to achieve salvation/redemption must follow simple rules.

1. Of old:
Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you.
Love one another.

2. Of new:
Keep above and add.

" Live Your Truth. Do not seek, or do not take advantage of eachother; always seek mutual consent with one another... "

So, those Decans and Zodiac spirits instilled into Us the beliefs that 36 Decan stars and 12 zodiac constellations have some sort of a Divine purpose. See my blog: Decan Spirits Activities.

Actually archons manifested this Bridal-Chamber the way archons do those things. They did guide my thoughts toward incarnation and reincarnation of which I did not have any idea; at that time, that such a thing existed. Then seems from one thought to the other, the knowladge of the Pleroma and other things came to my mind. Archons vouchsafe for the existence of The Pleroma and The Kenoma, also about the existence of The Pleroma Most High Father as well. I did test them countless times on those issues.
Consequently, after over 8 years of above, including aspects of sever tribulation, or perhaps an attempt of taking over my mind lead me to the unification of my Soul with The Self; an aspect of an attribute of The Spirit of " The Pleroma Most High Father ", from the time of antiquity was know as one succeed in arriving at " The Christ-Consciousness ".

It seems also that after 8 years of above the only way I can contact the spirit world by asking them first. Otherwise saying they cannot connect to me unless I ask for it myself.

Archons, from the eternity raise and fall Empires, create and destroy cults and religions, create new gods and destroy old gods, or rather give the same gods new names. A Bridal-Chamber is one of archons method to establish a new religion or modify an old religion; though, always based on some sort of a blend based on; new and old beliefs, or perhaps on an old religion. It actually looks that archons are trying to come back into to very basic very old believes: worship the spirit world old ways where fire; not the sun was a divine object of worship.

Somebody could ask, how would you know. Perhaps it was work of the devil, it could be. Those Spirits could only communicate with me in language of my prayers, English. So, it also could indicate that on my mind consciousness; a special spiritual process was at work.
I tested it many many times, all kinds of different ways: those spirits could only communicate with me in language of my prayers.
My thinking process is greatly affected by this spiritual interaction. Therefore, the writing below is not very well organized.
Also, English is not my native language.

From this 10 years with over 8 years of direct, dynamic 24x7 spirits interaction with me, I derive:
Archons can and do hijack our thoughts. They easily can make; just about anyone, feel good or bad about their own thoughts, believes and convictions.
Therefore, archons can and do shape present cults, religions and believes, as well world governments and their activities.
What archons cannot control is " Our Free-Will ".
Therefore, be aware about your activities directed toward others. Keep up a " True Good Will "; good Karma toward others.

Archons could manifest the Bridal-Chumber in such a way, that the catechumen; he could be easy trapped in a lower level of consciousness.
So, one must be aware what is happening to him/her at all the time, how the archons interact with that person at all the time.


Infinite Love has no need of laws, only fear does.

The love of God should be propagated to the most.

" The Feminine Principle ", a Nurishing-Preserving Force, see: Masculine and Feminine is; She is a Mother, She loves life in the living; but She will become neutral to the child that became adult. She will hand over Her adult child to Her Masculine-Principle; so He can form Her adult child, according to this adult child predestined Karma.

All of this is manifested in a spiritual manifestation known as the Bridal-Chamber.

I also think that, religions that are propagating only the masculine-principle, can put themselfs in peril within several hundred years after such a religion was established.
Why, one would ask. Because, the Masculine-Principles in each dimension though located below "The Pleroma"; act within its own laws, are focused however narrowly on themselves. This is manifested en masse in the "Lower Psychism", which is confined to matter.
The "Lower Psychism" masculine-principle is way too aggressive. Its goal is to inflict pain, suffering, and eventually death but only when the predestine karma require such activities.
All of it is done according to the Soul self-chosen karma challenges for present live; which in turn depended on the karma the Soul acquired in previous lives.
Therefore, I do not agree with the view of Sant_Mat which say:

" One of the cardinal functions of a Sat Guru is to absolve through his own grace, sympathy and suffering, the accumulated karma of the spiritual aspirant ".
I categorically disagree with this concept.

Each Soul has its own battles to fight but with an egalitarian point of view in mind; All Souls Are equal and deserve equal rights and opportunities.

The masculine-principle need to accept the feminine-principle as an equal partner; striving to achieve perfect balance. All this equal partnership of masculine-principle and feminine-principle HAS to be constantly manifested by the living of a species, Us; in our prayers, religious ceremonies etc.

Let start with so call, time. I mean the clock you keep checking countless times every day.
Time is an illusion, there are only an unfriendly energies of darkness.
And, our sun shining on Us, friendly energies, symbolizing, and actively participating in helping Us to sustain a positive nature of interacting with other a species.
Both of those intelligent energies exists; it is very difficult for Us to become aware or conscious of them.

I said intelligent, that is right, I mean intelligent; they think in frames and images, see: Plato Theory of Forms.

What I did experience during last 10 years, archons showmanship, interacting with living a species, me.

Over times, those intelligent energies influenced Us, to gave them names and status we have between ourselfs, mostly; father, mother, son.

Countless times, for several years I noticed that our sun energy dilute dark energy to a point that those archonic intelligent energies act sometimes almost in a semi-divine manner. This I described way below.

I am certain that you heard about a spiritual dimension, where souls came from. Their original home. I call it " The Middle ", Haven, Eden and so on.
Also, some people call it, The Ogdoad, see: aspect " C " on the chart or click on, My Pleroma-Multiverse.

Some religions separate the eight level from this Ogdoad sphere, and call it, the way some call it, The Kenoma. See, aspect " B " on the same chart. I think that The Kenoma is home to common consciousness for all the spiritual beings located below The Pleroma. Also, a Feminine-Principle known as Sophia-Achamoth or Divine Wisdom is on charge of it.

Our planet earth is macro and micro manage by spirits known, and located in; The Hebdomad, aspect " E " on the chart located at the left side, and seen that way by me, Basilideans, Sethian Gnosticism and some others, and call them the Archons, or archons section on my, see: Higher and Lower Psychism.

At first, I would like to introduced the existence of a third spiritual element, that is used by both; The "Higher Psychism" and The "Lower Psychism".

I think that challenges and difficulties of Karma, are imposed on us by a medium or a mediator by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook"; the animal elements or power of desire..., absorbing after death, after the Soul departed, that which it has collected (through its insatiable desire to live) during life, i.e. all the astral vitality as well as all the impressions of its material acts and thoughts..., forms the dregs of the animal mind; the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" or Kama rupa, this has life in it but it is the only spirit that is born here on this planet earth; also in varying degrees has hardly any consciousness and is confined to matter.
Denying Soul's ability to incarnate and reincarnate, could motivate a medium or a mediator and <u>MUST</u> drawn into the currents of its thoughts, when as it were by proxy the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" in order to impose on us theirs will.

How the Archons attach their energies to our thought energies. Otherwise saying, how do they attached theirs energy to our thought energies.
For almost 10 years, they keep trying this method on me.
First using your present religious believes, they will direct your mind into deeper meaning of that religion. So, since you want to know more, you will start searching. You will be always able to find something different about your present believes.
Next, archons instill, fear into you. So you are always afraid about the status of your soul, there is no hell ( hell is here on this planet earth ) and will gradually try to take over your thoughts your mind energies.
Note: In ancient times the day was divided; from down till dusk and from dusk till down.
The worst time was dusk till down ( notice here, the lack of our sun energies, that do counter archons energies ), between 6pm and 9pm they kept sending powerful pin(s) of theirs energies into my head.
If they did encounter any of my spiritual thoughts energies, they did try attach their energies to it, and did try to expand them in order to take over my thoughts and mind energies, and amplify it.
Since I was in a spiritual hold administered by archons; perhaps, possibly emulating the Bridal-Chamber. I was permitted to see archons activities in my consciousness. I think this is a requirement that I must be conscious about everything that was happening to me.
If the archons energy could not find any of my spiritual thoughts energies; they did exit their energies in the back of my head but with a loud crack. It felt like my skull just cracked wide open. Though at a later time, I felt very little pain, mostly discomfort.

I believe that, the so call Bridal-Chamber act, most likely simulated by the archons, after 10 years period changed my brain thought vibrations. It seems, that now it is much easier for me to think about spiritual matters, almost without any archonic interference.

Aspect " C " on my chart non shaded area I call, " The middle ".
Non incarnated souls participating in cosmic creation. E.g. they are given hydrogen and oxygen and create water. They align every cell of a new embryo with the local sun vibration energy.
And, they participate in a process of incarnation and reincarnation. Therefore, changing the most inteligent of a species to an advanced form of a species. Closer to their own level of consciousness, self-awareness.
I split the shaded area into 2 parts:

Part 1. Aspect " D " on my chart I call.

The "Higher Psychism" or Mediatorship; could be Divine, or act as a divinity, intelligently applied, most of the time positive; by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" will do positive work, good karma; like, to motivate you to be compassionate, loving, forgiving etc.
Keep in mind that a mediator, could also act as a medium, in an archonic like manner, for its own reasons, think (assessing, testing).

Part 2. Aspect " E " on my chart I call.

The "Lower Psychism" or Mediumship From my experience. In principal they are not evil; lack of light, blind, animal like, lack of love.
Their love is manifested in a brutal and crude way; pure, honest, raw animal like sexual energy, driving all life forward, do not look back, just move on forward. They impart it into all theirs activities. All that energy is precisely what makes this world going. This pure, honest, raw, animal like sexual energy makes the human race rapidly multiply. Therefore in a sense, they are manifesting themselfs in certain type of a species, humans included; beasty in their energies, automatic, uncontrolled, some call it dark energy. If deeply upset or extremely disturbed in theirs works could become demonic; but seldom.

They are extremely good in extracting our own previously hidden thoughts for lust and desire for power. The "Lower Psychism", by way of the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" could take a negative approach. It could impart into your mind, using your own previously hidden thoughts for lust and desire for power in such a way as to, it would, affect your Soul through your flesh, by instilling in your mind a thought of suicide, narcissism, extreme selfishness, being angry, reckoning it all together; bad karma, like taking advantage of people when they are the most vulnerable. Therefore guaranteeing your Soul reincarnation.

Eg. Lower Psychism most favored way is to convinced somebody that; God does not love you, God hates the way you conduct your life. Therefore you should kill yourself, so your soul can start all over again. Do not listening, God always loves you, and never ever wish for any sacrifices. Sacrificing is archons idea.
Also, archons will try to convince you to take a live of somebody else in your family as well, so that person soul can start all over again.
It is documented in a court case that a mother killed her son, because she thought that God asked her to do it, in order so, in the next live her son soul would have a better live.
It is well known in the jails, that convicted people hear voices in the same manner; you are not good etc. Therefore, you should take your live. This is how the archons trying to make certain that your soul will have to reincarnate quickly, therefore more bodies.
Rubbish, if you take your own live, suicide; it is a wasted body in the cycle of reincarnation.
In case of a suicide your soul must reincarnate, rather quickly, into similar predestined karmic body to complete karmic requirements.
Average time frame in case of a suicide. The Soul reincarnate within 5 years.

So, one can see, that one always must keep tracking of your own thoughts in a very conscious manner.

It is, the "Lower Psychism", the Mediumship I consider as the most interacting spirits with the "Homo Sapiens", Us, see: Archons, similar to, as in Pistis Sophia, or archons section on my, see: Higher and Lower Psychism.

First, what archons wants is, that you focus your focus energy on them, good or bad, it no matter.
They will expand their energy into your energy, and hijack it. Need to recognize that they exist. Watch your thoughts and actions toward others.
But archons energies that they can use, is fascinating me. If you are an honest person, at first they will try to pervade you, say, instill narcissism into your mind. Can you think challenge.
It is possible that they are learning themselves something, like being creative from Us.
Focus your focus energy on your spiritual Father.
He always loves you, does not need any of your sacrifices. He wants you only to have a " true good will ", good karma toward others.
Archons lack the ability to express the creative force, it looks like cyborg like mentality. But I think that their sensitivity to constant variations in energy levels, which I did experience for several years, makes them like that; manipulating by accessing the human psyche, manipulating human's perception of reality.
Eg. if given some material and asked them to create something, they could not do it. They are thinking in frames and images, see: Plato Theory of Forms.
While doing some web programming in php, I had plenty of examples, that did show me, thinking in frames and images fashion was very useful. E.g. they could realize an error or a success in my programming, at the moment my subconscious see it, before I could realized it.

Archons are experts of taking something that already exists ( hijack ) and twist it.
So, like I said watch your thoughts and actions.
History records show that first Gods where vegetation Gods.
A king was consider a son of a God. I call it, occults distorted from Spring vegetable God to corn sacrificial king, see: Osiris a Corn-god.

At the beginning of the spring, this corn sacrificial king was torn apart ( alive ),
and his flesh spread it over corn fields, and after 3 days they look, if the corn grows well.
Spring time, the sun is out, corn is germinating well, so let's go, and nominate another king for the next year sacrificial ceremony.
Then, killing God's son did not feel right so, they switched to the king first born son, the first born son was sacrificed in the same manner.
Then, they used a prisoner but made him a king only for one day, torn his body apart and spread it over the corn fields.
Same thing, at the spring time, Aztecs kill hundreds of young girls, and their flesh was spread over the corn fields, so the corn grows well.
Those are the workings of the cyborg like mentality of archons.

The Archons are not people, they"re spirits. Everything in this World of Forms has a cause and an effect.
They have names and qualities in all of the literature. This helps us qualify and keep track of the causes of events here in the World of Forms.
You know "The butterfly effect? The Archons are the butterfly. They"re the root causes of all of the wretched little circumstances that snowball into the terrible little events that evolve into the nasty big events that are completely out of your control.
The Archons are the arbiters of Fate. This is why we associate them with the Zodiac, the months of the year and the days of the week.
Again, they're in charge of anything that happens that is out of your control. This includes some things that are good and some things that make you happy.
The Archons are Governors of Perception.
They serve to divide us, in insidious ways. They"re the little jerks who sit on your shoulder and make you churn out corporate jargon, and use words that are nouns as verbs in order to sound important, and distract you from doing the things that you find fulfilling. They"re also the little bastards who hum through the air pushing you into things, or stealing your items, or pulling the wool over your eyes about your relationships with other people.

So, what type of souls are affected by archons:

1. Soul energy splitting souls. This is minority.
Not taking enough soul energy for incarnation could be disastrous.
2. A very young, new soul.
3. A traveler soul that came to our dimension for the first time.
4. Lazy soul, thinking that they are here on vacation.
5. A soul with a very weak free will. This soul will fail under
any body physical test, and be submited by the physical mind to archons.

Since, "Lower-Psychism" knows that, for the incarnated Souls " true good will ", good Karma, is the only thing that counts in this life.
In truth, they will manifest the knowledge, about existence of the higher spiritual consciousness and powers but they manifest that existence of the higher consciousness and powers, their own ways.

Also, people using their lust for power, will follow the "Lower-Psychism" works, and will use it in advancing their own agenda. Particularly, overwhelming desire or craving for power over others.
There are no new religions. Old religions and cults are modified and used in new forms.
New cults and religions are created by the "Lower-Psychism", using Our previous thoughts and believes, modified and adopted to our present times, with new names for Gods, new names for Spirits, and so on.
This is not so bad as it sounds. Our mind consciousness is dynamic and constantly changes.
As such, our believes and concepts about Divine must take new directions.

... I say, if any religion leads one to do " true good will ", good Karma; like not to seek, or not to take advantage of another person, so be it ...

Aspect " C " on my chart is, where all visible Multiverse is created. Involving all spiritual entities workings, located in that space.

Note, the life giving energy, the energy that animate the whole Multiverse, comes from the Unmanifested Multiverse " The Pleroma " aspect " A " on the same chart.

Now, a word on Christianity itself.
I consider bible to be; it should be read allegorically. If so, one dual name is; see: Jesus_(name), Jesus Christ. Jesus, is a new name, so it could be use in exoteric Christianity, as the way bible is read literally, this spirit is located below, so call portals, the " D " on my chart.
Christ, is an ancient name, so it should be use in esoteric Christianity and it refers to a member of the Highest Pleroma Spirit, the cipher of The Melchizedek, located in the " A " on my chart .
Combining both names together like Jesus Christ means to me, the ancient spirit of Christ descended down from above the Vail, into a flesh below, or more specifically incarnated Himself into a Soul, and was/is manifested in that person by the Holy Ghost, to each person in its own way.

Is my soul a unique soul.
I want not to believe so. But it is probably the only soul; certainly the first one on this planet earth witnessing the "Lower Psychism" confinement to matter; simply, by the fact that there were no planes in biblical times at all. Just lately planes could fly above 33,000 feet. So, read on.
I did discover, several times, while flying to my vacation spots, that the "Lower Psychism" spirits ARE confined to matter. I did had contact with them up to 33,000 feet. After 33,000 feet they were gone. Their conversation with me was cut off. Soon a plane descended below 33,000 feet the "Lower Psychism" contact with me was reinstated.

Now. I did experience, and still do but now I can control it in a conscious manner, the cosmic energies descending on Us, every day.

Please note, that the "Lower Psychism". They are much much more sensitive to any energy change, on any energy level. So, if the cosmic energy level is of a negative state, they could act upon Us, negatively. And, opposite. If the cosmic energy level is of a positive state, they could act upon Us, semi-positively.
Only, our strong free will can resist the "Lower Psychism" and "Higher Psychism" subliminal behaviour modification; mind control.
All of that, is done according to; local consciousness, local potentialities and local possibilities.

Continue of an attempt of the taking over, by: Archons.

At, certain times, aggressively charging at me frontally, they did show me how all of that works, the " Lower Psychism "; brutally but in reality did me good. They did open my eyes, how this world works; in the truth.

Every day we are bomba..rded with 36 different micro energies blended with 10 different macro levels of spiritual energies, with a 12 minutes of no activity periods between each macro level, see my blog: Decan Spirits Activities.

Also, each macro level has several micro levels of spiritual energies. I will not describe micro levels but only macro levels. Read below for explenation.

I associate all wars, suicides, murders and any negative activities that are happening in this world, as works directed against Us the homo-sapiens by; Lower Psychism, wanting to take over our minds. Therefore, challenging our Souls but in a brutal way; which is against the law of the free will. It seems though, it is within the challenging laws directed toward establishing good or bad Karma.

I will grade macro-micro energies that we and spirits confined to matter are exposed to 24x7; extremely vicious, vicious, controlling.
So, there I go: a time-line for spiritual energies, that are affecting our behaviour on this planet earth.

1. Extremely vicious, in a hidden and treacherous way, starts at 6 minutes past 12am. or midnight till 6 minutes past 3am. If you can. Do not pray at those hours.

This spirit means corruption. This spirit is a spiritual beast. If you pray at night hours, this spirit will lock his energy into your thought energies and hold you like that for the rest of the day or forever, if you let it.
Sometime in the afternoon, most likely after sundown, this midnight spirit will try to reverse your thoughts like; its OK to do things that your morals tell you not to do. Otherwise saying, this spirit is trying to push you to act against your own morals. This midnight spirit IS the worst of any evil spirits I ever did encounter, in all of my over 8 years direct contact with this spirit, in all of my spiritual experience. Once this midnight spirit get hold of you it is very difficult to get rid of it. If you do it on your own. It will take years of hard work and a very strong free-will in order just to keep this spirit not manifesting itself.
Only your strong Free-Will can defeat it.

My advice is.
If you pray during this hours, pray with your heart; you have to pray between your breaths, your prayers could last up to 20 minutes.
Otherwise, archons, the "Lower Psychism" will expand their energies within your prayers energies, and WILL gradually take over your mind.

2. Same spirit as above but using weaker energies. Very controlling, starts at 6 minutes past 3am. till 6 minutes past 9am. If you pray; watch for countering thoughts latter on in the afternoon, try to keep good karma alive.

3. Mildly controlling, starts at 6 minutes past 9am. till 6 minutes before 12pm or noon. Most of the time female spirits will manifest themselves at this time. No exceptions.
Please note, a female spirit will manifest herself for a brief period, before any macro level.
It seems that a female spirit, no mistake here, always precedes a male spirit but for very short period.

4. Practically no controlling, starts at 6 minutes past 12pm or noon till 6 minutes before 3pm. Perfect time for thanksgiving prayers.

5. Wow, this period I consider vicious, in a gradual way, starts at 6 minutes past 3pm. till 6 minutes befor 12am. or midnight. In particular at 8:30pm. is just terrible. The spirits will try to take over your mind anyway possible. Using any tricks, deceptions etc.
What I noticed though, that archons energies are much much weaker when the sun is up. The brighter the sky is, while the sun is up high, archons energy is weak.
Do not take very hot showers in the evening. Your astral body energy covering your body is weaker if you do. Permitting some of the spirits to enter your body.
It looks like those spiritual activities exists for thousands, if not millions of years.

Belive me, I can tell you this; ALL cults and religions, are invented and controlled by the same spirits. Using 36 different micro spiritual energy levels throughout the day and night.
Correction, all spirits bounded up with matter are also under influence of 36 different micro spiritual energy levels throughout 24x7. I mean Spirits located <u>below</u> the so call portal(s), tunnel(s); located between our material cosmic dimension and my "The Middle", the " C " on my chart.
Those portal(s), tunnel(s) lead souls back to their original home, period.
So, what is conceived on earth stays on earth. So, it seems that, no matter what religion you practice, it is the " TRUE GOOD WILL ", THE GOOD KARMA in present live, will set you up for a live, you WILL have in next incarnation.

Only the Soul's experience of this life on this planet earth; connect themselfs to the Soul's memories and go beyond this world.

Whenever you are feeling angry, feel like cursing, swearing, upset, quarrelsome, enraged; combine with bad action, bad karma. Blame it on the "Lower Psychism", or maybe your soul think that is on a vacation, and/or you have weak free will. It IS the "Lower Psychism" way to ensured that your soul will be incarnated again, see: Archons.

The Universal Law of Harmony

This law supersedes even the fundamental law of Karma. For " true good will " is intrinsically good; its value is wholly self-contained and utterly independent of its external relations. Therefore, " true good will " is the supreme potential of balance. The purpose of Karma is to attain harmony. If you throw a rock into a still pond you will disturb the harmony of that pond, you are the cause. The effect is a splash and series of waves on the surface of water that flows back and forth until the harmony is restored. Consequently, your incompatible actions with " true good will " will flow into the Multiverse and eventually will fell back on you, lifetime after life time, until your own " true good will " is restored.

My Very Difficult 10 years Mystical Spiritual Journey

First of all, I want you to know that ( you most likely know that already ), we have a great gift, called a free will or free choice, given to Us by The Most High Father. located in The Pleroma; see aspect " A "; see: My Pleroma-Multiverse.

Keep in mind that, manifestation of something is one thing but where it leads to is another thing,
see: Duality and A Reflection On Duality also Oneness.

To fully describe my spiritual experience. It would take several hundred pages. Sorry, it would have to be condensed into one page. Also, English is not my native language.

I actually think that spirits manifested themselfs to me as per The Individuation Process.

I agree with the essence of gnosticism on the view of this world: the view that the inner spirit of humanity must be liberated from a world that is basically deceptive, oppressive, and evil.
I believe, that the collective aggregation of the numberless spirit-entities bring to Us, the most precious knowledge of the existence of the true being, The Pleroma, which is two steps above the Four and Twentieth Mystery.

It is known that archons can control animals. As, a consequence of it; if I may say so, the domestic animals where involved in my spiritual journey as well.

I am a male.

Well, somebody could say. Mister, "You are ridiculous", fool etc, maybe you have psychosis.
So, hmm if I am what you think above, then explain to me why 2 cats and 1 squirrel that lives in the empty attic went totally crazy; cats jumping around on couches, squirrel chewing on wood but only, pay attention, only when I was praying.
So, would you say that 2 cats and 1 squirrel had psychosis as well but only when I was praying?
Two catholic priests said that I am perfectly normal, they said, spirits easily can connect to me and that is all to it.
In my opinion, the Spirits just wanted to show me; external, but not nessasarily me feeling good about it, spiritual assistance is in order.
So, if you are interested, read below.

Take my word for it, nothing else counts but what I just mention above, " the true good will " toward others.

Also, "Lower Psychism" live of our negative energies, fear combine with a heavy meal of animal protein is a perfect supplier of energies for "Lower Psychism". But we do need a heavy intake of the protein for our brains, so we can think logically. By the way, to be able to think logically; is a gift given to Us all the way from The Pleroma Most High Father, located in The Pleroma; see aspect " A "; see: My Pleroma-Multiverse. Any other spirits between The Pleroma and Us, which there are many; they think in frames and images, see Plato Forms. That is where our imagination came from. So, go figure.

My Bridal-Chamber experience was brought to me by 3 different type of spirits.

1. Mediatorship; Divine, controlled, intelligently applied, positive, the "Higher Psychism".
2. Mediumship; animal, uncontrolled, negative and automatic, the "Lower Psychism"
3. A channeller.

A channeller by my definition, is a previously incarnated soul in a particular language, working for the "Higher Psychism" or the "Lower Psychism". Also, incorporating in its works; the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" or Kama rupa, this has life in it but it is the only spirit that is born here on this planet earth; also in varying degrees has hardly any consciousness and is confined to matter.
Since, English is not my native language. I was visibly coached to learn and pray in English language.
Read on for the explanation on how automatic is the "Lower Psychism". You will be surprised.
I was not a very religious man. I went to the catholic church, maybe 5 times a year, if that. My wife went to church once a week.
Little bit over 10 years ago, all over sudden I had an urge to go to the church with my wife. She was very surprised when I went with her to the church.
I noticed that when I was praying my body developed very powerful jerking motions and vibrations. For some time, at night those very powerful spasm, jerking like vibrations practically elevated my body off my bed, night after night.
Those muscle spasm and powerful limbs twitches, jerks lasted, about a bit for over a year.

I know that I was expose to the works of the "Lower and Higher Psychism"; similar, as writen by Valentinus in around 140A.D. in " The Gospel of Truth ", see: Error.

All of my spiritual experience, described below lasted almost 10 years.
So, how spirits connected to me and made me, so I can hear them in a way I could hear a person sitting next to me.
Our body muscles, when in motion generates electricity. So they use this electrical signal to connect, also they blend themselves into energy of prayers, muscles, nerves etc. Because, nothing else but " true good will ", good karma counts, and in this connection process they are using, previously mention; a mediumship or a mediator which MUST drawn into the currents of its thoughts, when as it were by proxy the "Elementary", the "Shell", the "Spook" in order to impose on us theirs will.
I had that verified dozens of times; eg. at the slightest smell of bleach in the air they were gone. They did comeback soon after, when the smell of the bleach was dissipated.
Keep in mind that, the earth confined spirits are managing the live on this planet.
Also, keep in mind, what did happened to me is just that, it did happen to me; it was a personal intervention. And I am really the only one that can judge it properly. It is like a dream, you are the only one that can tell if your dream was positive or negative.
Well, in order that, those earth confined spirits could not take over human mind; and since the " true good will ", good karma, and a very very strong will is the only thing that counts in this world. I do advise.
If you like praying to your God, which is the same as mine God. And, if you pray from memory. Make your prayer short of duration.
If your prayer is read from a scripture, or something similar. Preferably pray between 6 minutes after 12pm or noon and 6 minutes before 3pm, and it should not last longer than 45 minutes. Otherwise, those earth confined spirits WILL blend theirs energy into your prayers energy, and you will fall under theirs control.

Again as I said above. I consider our earth organic planet located in a hostile part of inorganic universe. Surrounded on all sides by a negative charge of intelligent dark energies, blended withing the molecular structure of the air we breath.
Therefore, the Bridal-Chamber in truth, at the same time <u>must</u> be manifested by both; the "Higher and Lower Psychism".

As I mention before, I am a very skeptical person. So, the spirit world had pull all the stops to deliver theirs message. Here it is the spirit world delivery of of this 2 step forward 1 step back of my spiritual experience.

If a mediumship or a mediator lost connection with me, say like after I went and have a nap. Soon I was awaken, a very powerful 3 pulses sound buzzed in my ears, followed by a powerful ping sound. This ping energy. It felt like a grappling hook, or energy looking for an opening. It was very very powerful.
In beginning, it felt like in a second, this powerful ping energy will shatter my head. In moments, after this ping connected. I felt a powerful energy expanding in my head.
Sometimes this powerful energy, expanding in my head was so strong that I felt both of my head temple painfully expanded outward. If I would recive any more of this energy into my head, I am certain I would die; this was going on for several years.
Only my strong will did resist this activities, I mean held it back. At that time I thought it was an attempt to takeover over my mind. That is why I know, that my Soul and the Spirit located within my Soul helped me to survive this ordeal.
At a slightest thought of a prayer; I felt this powerful skull cracking energies in my head. Just a thought about a prayer done it.

So I did learn; that I could do a 2-6 minutes prayer to "The Most High Father" of "The Pleroma" but it had to be done only at about 2 mins. past 12 noon, in a manner so no even a whisper of a sound would came from my mouth. It had to be done in total silence, in total mental concentration, mind emptiness like, and only after several years of this I was almost completely able to do it.

Actually " Lower Psychism " exploit, our own, the homo sapience drive, urge, lust for power.
We are our own enemies. Lust for power, the ego that hides behind "I" has no place in a " true good will ", good karma environment.
By, rejecting karma as a number one rule, scaring living people with non existent hell ( hell is here ). Spreading fear, and spreading, that we should be always feel guilty, of either doing or not doing something that is proper or improper, towards our Souls creator, our Souls Father; is totally atrocious. It is a way, an order to take advantage of people.
So call " Lower Psychism " has one thing on their mind; work towards Souls reincarnations see: Archons.

Now, in archives of eleleth, see: On Bridal-Chamber, eleleth speeks:

" So too can the Archon appear as that which is Holy, even unto taking the guise of Sophia or the Christos but never both at one time in the Bridal Chamber, for that is a Mystery that the Archons cannot ape. "

I think that this is wrong. Those days Archons can, and do emulate, simulate or manifest, if one likes it that way; the Bridal-Chamber in a perfectly convincing way.

You can see also: Valentinians Bridal-Chamber and/or Gnostic Q, Bridal-Chamber.

The purpose of Bridal-Chamber is the manifestation of the The Individuation Process. So the catechumen could be used, to introduced new concepts of beliefs or modifying beliefs of old cults and religions.

As I mention at the beginning of this article. The one female Spirit, that felt as one only, She definitely, without any doubt, clearly manifested Herself as the Feminine Principles that dwells in all of Us.

Now, remember. No matter, what you think about Her; She was, is, and always will be The Holy, Divine, Pure, and never ever, in any way, shape, or form can be degraded.

I realized all of that, after I read Trimorphic Protennoia. The Soul is regarded as a Feminine-Principle. It seems though, that this connection, this manifestation of Higher Spirit unity, must happen while The Soul and The Spirit are joined together in a living flesh.

The Soul is used as a carrier of the Spirit into the living matter. Otherwise saying; the Spirit needs the Soul to manifest itself in living matter.
A Bridal-Chamber, is all about just that. She manifest the existence of The Masculine-Principle the Spirit, and associate that Spirit connection, and relation with that Spirit as; a partnership with Herself. In The Bridal-Chamber She, The Ruach, The Holy-Ghost, the gnostic Protennoia, see: Trimorphic Protennoia; in the first place MUST be regarded as a Mother, and when She manifest Herself as a spouse in a Briadal-Chamber, She should be regarded as such, with respect to The Spirit located within The Soul.

In many religion sacred writings, it is manifested exactly as said above; The Soul is regarded as feminine and The Spirit is regarded as masculine. As said above, all of that and more; purging the mind, and the disposal of ego that hides behind my "I", She as a Feminine-Priciple brings it altogether, and makes it all happen in the Bridal-Chamber.

In general, She is regarded by many, particularly by gnotics, myself included; as a cause of our earthly creation. At some point of time She together with Her living offspiring will achieve redemption back to Her place of origin, The Pleroma, see: Salvation.
I wholeheartedly believe that all sacred writings actually refer to that process but in allegories, proverbs etc.

I think that, the so called Bridal-Chamber referred to in Valentinian Sacramental Practice, for the Valentinians the "bridal chamber" is also particularly characterized by light and the receiving of light. It is the "Lower Psychism" activities to try and acquire and retain a human intellect into lower psychism frame of mind, using that person present religious believes. They do manifest to the catechumen though, a lengthy act, that is called the "bridal chamber". Doing so, they are referring to the existence of spiritual beings located in the manifested Multiverse ( Kenoma and below ), which is outside the world of real being; and also referring to pure spiritual beings located in the unmanifested Multiverse so called, The Pleroma.

The technique of the archonic attempt of taking over, or making it look like the purging is needed; implemented by: The Archons.

It looks like, the "Lower Psychism" and/or "Higher Psychism" if they could, would take over my mind.
Though it seems, that at some point the mediator of the " Higher Psychism " perhaps playing a role of a mediumship of the " Lower Psychism " was also attempting to take over my mind. It looks like all of that spiritual experience was tailored to my own personality.

Here I would remind the reader. I consider our earth organic planet located in a hostile part of inorganic universe.
Therefore, the Bridal-Chamber in truth, all at the same time <u>must</u> be manifested by both; the "Higher and Lower Psychism".

I think, because this world IS designated. I call it, as I see it; the nature dominates, always take advantage whenever you can.
This is O.K. for animals but a no no for humans. I have an impression, that a species like Us, at first thought should stay just that a species but the Souls want Us, so called a species, acquire a higher status, closer to the Soul's status.
That way the Souls could express themselfs on a higher level of intelligence in this material world.

You need to keep in mind. That Lower Psychism, see: "Higher and Lower Psychism" act as proxy for the activities of the Higher Psychism. Otherwise saying Lower Psychism becomes a proxy for the activities of the Higher Psychism without even knowing it.
It seems that archons are trying to instill fear into Us the homo-sapiens on every possible occasion. Therefore we acquire fear of just about everything, particularity in many religions. People in fear start looking toward The God. Therefore the description below is just about that. "The Higher and Lower Psychism" manifesting The Bridal-Chamber.
Looking at it, few years after it did occurred. I am certain the part below might be a part of some sort of a cleansing, purging, perhaps purifying process.
The Lower-Psychism spirits were anxious to enrage me, on purpose, and very very quickly, too quickly.
It looks like, the "Lower Psychism" and/or "Higher Psychism" if they could, would take over my mind.
Though it seems, that at some point the mediator of the " Higher Psychism " perhaps playing a role of a mediumship of the " Lower Psychism " was in actuality playing a role of the Christ The Redeemer similar to as per The Tripartite Tractate.

Every religious scholar knows that The Logos in The Tripartite Tractate is in actuality known to gnostics as The Sophia-Achamoth.
Therefore this a kind of my tough handling could be compared to, see: in The Tripartite Tractate. It was done that way so the catechumen would not acquire narcissism.

I also, did sense, in theirs activities a some sort of urgency and one of a purpose. It appeared, reading many books and articles on the subject of the bridal-chamber; that it was a purpose, perhaps having aspects of some sort of; it could be of a divine providence. They were steaming to this rather quickly. Now I can see it clearly. The whole process of this manifestation took almost 10 years with over 8 years of direct interaction. So a time factor was here at a play. And I am a man of rather advanced age.

Those spirits know that they cannot corrupt a mind of a catechumen who did enter the Bridal-Chamber. But they did try very hard for what they were doing. A person like this would rather gladly die but it would not do anything evil to anybody or to himself.

I call it the "Higher and Lower Psychism" mind games.

One of the Archons goal is to trigger your retaliation toward them for the activities they did or do to you.
The statements below are not intended as a retaliation toward archons but as a statement of facts what in reality did happen to me,or rather what archons did to me.

First of all one needs to know that from the time of the antiquity archons did hack into the homo sapiens nervous system. They can impede our nervouse system normal operation. Archons can inject their energies into our nervouse system causing Us great pain and misery for years; sometimes even death.

Male like manifested spirit, exhausted my energy preventing me of having a good night sleep. Then, this voice in my head, around 2am in a whispery like manner said " I love you ". Then when I asked if he is a God. He said, yes I am.

In a moment right after that he asked me again whispering, " ... would you kill yourself for me ... ".
I yell at him " go to hell devil ". In actuality using this kind of mind games, archons want Us to keep our focus on them. This is exactly how archons are capable to hijack our thoughts energies and expand their energies into our thoughts energies. They want Us to think abut them; good or bad, at all times.

Then I asked if Jesus Christ came in flesh. His answer was neither yes or no.
I told him " go to hell devil " because I am in hell already, this live here, on this planet earth IS hell.

Few moments later he said, " ... do something atrocious ... ".
I told him again " go to hell devil ".

I was enrage. He was aggressive. I called him all kinds of nasty names. That was the only way I could slow him down.

My heart palpitation were so strong that I could hear every heartbeat pounding in my head.

My head skin was covered with tiny bubbles, it felt like if somebody tried to drill tiny holes directly into my brain.

Particularity, on after awaking from a snooze or a night sleep my head experienced powerful, wicked pings. The energy of those skull splitting pings entered my frontal lob then exited in the back of my head with a loud crack. It felt like my head temples extended outward. After about 2 or 3 years of this; those pings continued but much milder, all the way till the end of my 8 years direct interacting with Higher and Lower Psychism. Those wicked pings in my head where much stronger after the sun went down or if I attempted however small of a prayer. Therefore I always tried to go to sleep early.

My leg muscles for weeks at a time and muscles in general start having terrible cramps, and I felt an energy of a spirit is doing it.

My whole body developed powerful jerks, to the point that for a short instance my whole body lifted from the bed. My body became stiff then relaxed, over and over again. My limbs had similar jerks for long time. This lasted way to long. Hard to estimate it, it gradually went away; perhaps after 2 or 3 years. Even now after 8 years, my limbs have a powerful energies entering them. I did got use to all of it.

While driving, I felt a force on my arm to try push me off the road into a river, while having 2 very religious women in my car.

While I was in my kitchen holding a knife, cutting bread; I felt a force on my arm to try to stub myself.

While I was sleeping in the same room with my wife, I started having, hostile flush like thoughts toward my wife. I moved to a spare bedroom. That move fixed it.

All of that was going for some time then slowly went away.
Well now, what I have to say, it might sound strange to some readers but the Spirits I was in conversation with, are confined to matter.
But the same spirits manifested to me the true; theirs workings on this planet earth. Theirs administration of good and bad karma to so call " homo sapiens ", Us.

It seems also that after 8 years of above the only way I can contact the spirit world by asking them first. Otherwise saying they cannot connect to me unless I ask for it myself.

What are "Lower Psychism" all about. Produce more bodies, so more Souls are incarnated into those bodies; so at later time they might be able to interact with those souls.
Why all over, so suddenly there are so many po...rno shows, and games to promote violence. Humanity IS under spiritual "Lower Psychism" interaction.
In their bold brutal confidence and arrogance. I was shown by the "Lower Psychism" spirits how precisely they can control somebody thoughts. I called it, they are sho....ting thought darts, from loving to hating thought darts, changed in an instance.
"Lower Psychism" can and do expand their thought energies into mind of others, in such a way, that a person think, that thoughts he is thinking now, are his own thoughts and will speak it out. Only a person with a high level of consciousness, self awareness can detect it. Trust me, "Lower Psychism", they tried that on me many many times. At first I did fell into it, then I learned and still somehow learning how to detect "Lower Psychism" energies in my thoughts. Watch for sudden changes of your moods, and your mind thoughts without reason.
We, humanity are, according to my count, exposed to the activities of 36 minor but also blended with 10 major different energy levels, every day 24x7.

Here again the mediator of the " Higher Psychism " play a role of a mediumship of the " Lower Psychism " but definitely with the help from the higher consciousness, showing me how the earth bound spirits do theirs work.

"Lower Psychism" is also expose to the same, the activities of 36 minor but also blended with 10 major different energy levels, every day; archons act on it in a bold like manner. Meaning automatic, robotic way. Suggesting, those activities did exist for millions of years and still exist today.
I did experience same attacks from them every day, precisely, to the minute, exactly the same way for several years. I could tell what is the hour of the day, within 60 min. Just by observing how those energies are affecting me.
That is why, at some point of the day. Particularly 6 minutes after 3pm. to 6 minutes after 9am. next day; "Lower Psychism" gives people very nasty thoughts.

So, I conclude. "Lower Psychism" is responsible for ALL, please read it ALL evil acts; every act of rage, violence, war, suicide, world wide mind control. Show me your religion ceremonies. I will tell you what kind of spirit controls it, see: Archons.

I was shown by them, how they do it.
I have to admit, that their action described above, for sure, purge of the ego that hides behind my "I" right out of me.
If you see, that someone know your thoughts, before you do realize your own thoughts. Then you can see how small you really are.
All of over sudden one can see. How small, in reality, one is.
I can tell anybody, under what kind of an energy force you are subjected to, no matter who you are; equally a priest, a leader or somebody that call himself a god. I just need to hear your voice, precise ( to the minute ) time of the day and your location.

Negative "Lower Psychism" instill into people minds, the negative Karma; while "Higher Psychism" does it opposite, instill into people minds, " true good will ", good Karma. From here on it is your the " free will ", I rather would call it " a free choice " that takes over. Having said that, at every new zodiac, which is every 2160 years, the Spirit world instill into Us new religions, new cults and new names for a God or Gods.
Redemption from future cycle of reincarnation should be the primary target of all religions and cults. All-thought though, a belief in salvation of our Souls will make simple people act in " true good will ", good Karma.
But also, a belief in salvation of our Souls is deficient. Some people think in a manner; I am special, I am excluded from judgment, " I will confess it later " and carry out some atrocious acts like; inquisition and ethnic cleansing comes to mind.
" True good will ", good Karma would assure our Soul redemption from future cycle of reincarnation. So, the spirits that micromanage this planet earth manifest themselves to Us according to our beliefs, to each its own.

Gnostic mythos:

see: Available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

In most versions of the Gnostic mythos, it is Sophia who brings about this instability in the Pleroma, in turn bringing about the creation of materiality. According to some Gnostic texts, the crisis occurs as a result of Sophia trying to emanate without her syzygy or, in another tradition, because she tries to breach the barrier between herself and the unknowable Bythos. After cataclysmically falling from the Pleroma, Sophia's fear and anguish of losing her life (just as she lost the light of the One) causes confusion and longing to return to it. Because of these longings, matter (Greek: hyl, ) and soul (Greek: psych, ) accidentally come into existence. The creation of the Demiurge (also known as Yaldabaoth, "Son of Chaos") is also a mistake made during this exile. The Demiurge proceeds to create the physical world in which we live, ignorant of Sophia, who nevertheless manages to infuse some spiritual spark or pneuma into his creation.Almost all Gnostic systems of the Syrian or Egyptian type taught that the universe began with an original, unknowable God, referred to as the Parent or Bythos, or as the Monad by Monoimus. From this initial unitary beginning, the One spontaneously emanated further Aeons, being pairs of progressively 'lesser' beings in sequence. Together with the source from which they emanate they form the Pleroma, or fullness, of God, and thus should not be seen as distinct from the divine, but symbolic abstractions of the divine nature. The transition from the immaterial to the material, from the noumenal to the sensible, is brought about by a flaw, or a passion, or a sin, in one of the Aeons.

In the Pistis Sophia, Christ is sent from the Godhead in order to bring Sophia back into the fullness (Pleroma). Christ enables her to again see the light, bringing her knowledge of the spirit (Greek: pneuma,). Christ is then sent to earth in the form of the man Jesus to give men the Gnosis needed to rescue themselves from the physical world and return to the spiritual world. In Gnosticism, the Gospel story of Jesus is itself allegorical: it is the Outer Mystery, used as an introduction to Gnosis, rather than being literally true in a historical context. For the Gnostics, the drama of the redemption of the Sophia through Christ or the Logos is the central drama of the universe. The Sophia resides in all of us as the Divine Spark.

See also: My Pleroma-Multiverse for Cosmos Duality: A+B+C+D: Home to aspect D: Well, we need to look into Valentinianism, a protology philosophy around year 140 AD, teaches that; the Pleroma's Anthropos and Ecclesia became parents to six pairs of Masculine-Feminine Aeons; means the youngest Aeon known as The Sophia-Wisdom would become a 12th Eaon. In principle. In Valentinianism and in the Sethianism She IS The Mother of everything below The Pleroma.
Her action stemmed from a pure love to The Most High Father, and attempting to see Her Father without participation of Her consort; which could be seen as an attempt to impose Her Feminine-Principle over Her consort Masculine-Principle was a no no; She could as well be reabsorbed into pure light of The Most High Father. Therefore, Her nevertheless noble attempt gave birth to unwanted inteligent energies. Those energies were immediately removed and relocated by The Most High Father to an empty space below The Pleroma known as The Kenoma. Keep in mind that Pleroma's nature IS regarded as a Masculine-Principle.
In all of The Multiverses; only The Pleroma " Most High Father " can step out from His Androgyne form whenever He wishes so. All other Spiritual Entities, in whatever they do; must have consent of their equal but oposite half, see: Consorts.

Note here; the manifestation of The Most High Father of love to everything that came to existence; He could destroy those unwanted energies but He did not destroy them.
As, a consequence of those activities much later in time we had the so called " Big-Bang ". Pleroma's Sophia-Wisdom daughter, known as The Sophia-Achamoth was put on charge, on management of The Kenoma and everything else below The Kenoma. Therefore, that makes Her a thirteenth Aeon but She dwells one level below The Pleroma known as The Kenoma, in some religions known as eight level but in the Lower Ogdoad ; She works extremely hard to fix the prior error, strive to achieve redemption of all the Spirits that either, descended or came to an existence below The Pleroma.

It seems to me, the pure sound that, creates all of the energies, is The Most High Father's " Feminine-Principle " that animates whole Multiverse, including, see: " The All " in The Pleroma.

Keep in mind that a spirit can manifest itself as a " Feminine Principle " or a " Masculine Principle ".

This, my mystical spiritual journey was not just a flick of imagination or something similar. It was a well organized, methodically designed 2 steps forward 1 step back teaching lesson on the part of the ruling spirits of this world that do micromanage this planet Earth, teaching me what this live is all about.
They ARE the ruling spirits of this world that do micromanage life on this planet earth. They did manifest it to me how they do it. Overcoming the difficulties in our lives here on this planet earth, will advance Souls consciousness needed for the future reincarnations, till the time the Soul acquire a state of nirvana; a state of freedom from future reincarnations.

In my opinion " Bridal Chamber " allegorize to; that in spirit world ]ALL spiritual beings good or bad as we see it, are androgynous; a spiritual being that is singular but possesses both " Feminine Principle " and " Masculine Principal ". Read more on " Bridal-Chamber ", Bridal-Chamber.

I also think that; in spirit world there are only 2 principles that act as one: Feminine Principles.

I move in every creature. I am the life of my Epinoia that dwells within every Power and every eternal movement, and (in) invisible Lights and within the Archons and Angels and Demons, and every soul dwelling in Tartaros, and (in) every material soul. I dwell in those who came to be. I move in everyone and I delve into them all. I walk uprightly, and those who sleep, I awaken. And I am the sight of those who dwell in sleep.

So, what does that mean to me.

It means that a " Feminine Principle ", which is more so intuitive as " Masculine Principle ", is common to all beings in spirit world or in living matter.

Our institution of marriage here on this planet earth symbolize a unity between " Masculine Principle " and " Feminine Principle ". The polygamous marriages symbolize the " Feminine Principle " as a common bonding principal in visible and non visible Multiverse. In our earthly life is the father that is a form giver. That is why so called " Bridal Chamber " implies intimate overtones in its manifestation. That would suggest a relation, of a " Feminine Principle " managing this planet earth; a way of manifesting herself to the catechumen Soul. This means to me, that She as a " Feminine Principle " focuses herself on men. And, Her opposite polarity " Masculine Principle " focuses himself on women.

Therefore, this aka husband-wife catechumen intimacy, since time immemorial is known as " Bridal-Chamber "; allegorize, refer to the God's the Creator creative energies active in the whole Multiverse. Meaning that " Masculine Principle " and " Feminine Principle " in agreement with each other run whole visible and non visible Multiverse; according to Local Consciousness, Local Potentialities and Local Possibilities which we have a hard time to comprehend.

The " Feminine Principle " is the driving energy of life, the universal life energy on this planet earth and other parts of the Multiverse.

So, the moral is. What is conceived on Earth stays on Earth. All things that happen here on this planet Earth are happening according to local consciousness, local potentialities and local possibilities. All above, that did happen to me in last 10 years, stay here on this planet earth. It was only spirits manifestation.

My tough like a nail, two steps forward one step back 10 years long spiritual journey, applied to me by archons manifest itself in the Bible's characters, situations, parables, and lessons, that meant to be universal teachings, signposts to potentialities of human consciousness and experiences applicable to everyone at different times in their life, similar to Carl Jung Psychology and Religion.

Revelation 22:17: "The Spirit and the Bride say, "Come." And let him who hears say, "Come." And let him who is thirsty come, let him who desires take the water of life without price.

I do not believe in our Souls salvation in lieu of our Souls redemption from reincarnation. I do not believe of bodily resurrection. I despise this material world that I live in and call it " Hell ". I support only the " true good will ", good Karma principal.

In summary:

So, what did I learn from this 10 years push pull spiritual experience.
I tell you what.

Prayers were only needed, necessary in the first part of of my spiritual experience.
The more I was praying, the more archons were trying to expand their energies into my mind;I mean, archons did try much harder to take over of my mind, almost to the point; if arrchons would try it any harder I would certainly become unconscious or perhaps even die from their attacks.
Therefore I did practically abandon prayers altogether.
Several religions teach, this is why; you did arrived to the full enlightenment, therefore you do not have the need to pray. Your Spirit located within your Soul is this ultimate Self, Atman on this planet earth. But I say everybody else has this Self, Atman as well. Go figure!
I also think that for thousands of years the hijacking of our earth consciousness by malicious energies of archons located in so call Zodiac; see my blog: Decan Spirits Activities is coming to the end.
I still believe that " The Holy-Ghost " as an " Feminine-Principle ", a pure consciousness, final purpose is to bring all intelligent live, particularly Us, the Homo-Sapiens consciousness to the awareness of the existence of the "Super-Consciousness", the " Masculine-Principle " that exist in " The Pleroma ", the "A" on my chart.

On "The Feminine Principle":
This beautiful Lady; that manifested herself in my " Bridal-Chamber ", known as The Feminine Principles, was, is, and always will be Holy, Divine, Pure, and never ever, in any way, shape, or form can be degraded.
In the " Bridal-Chamber " She made my Feminine Soul proverbial Male again.
Therefore, freeing my Soul from the entrapment, from the process of perpetual reincarnation cycle.
Freeing my Soul from the clutches of archons. Returning my Soul but this time united with; my personal Self, the Highest of the Multiverse Spirits, to my Soul original home in The Pleroma.

I was slowly freed from this spiritual hold of archons. It was not easy. Previously described 10 levels of spiritual energy tried to take hold of me many many times. My strong free will, with the help from my Soul, and the Spirit located within my Soul, brought it to the end.

The Intuitive Wisdom of The Holy Ghost, " The Feminine-Principle " MUST take over the power from the brute force of the " Lower Psychism " " Masculine-Principle " imposed on Us, the homos sapiens; by any establishment accepting the ancient Babylonian power grub energy into its system.
No matter whether it was or is a cyvilian or ecclesiastical organization. The ancient Babylonian energy, will pervert any of the said organizations intentions into an evil type of activities like; wars, blood sacrifices, propagating revenge, fear and suffering etc.
Therefore this ancient Babylonian energy is trying to wrestle, the Nurishing-Preserving energies from the " Feminine Principle " of The Holy Ghost, a Nurishing-Preserving Force, and turn it into the ancient Babylonian style male destructive force.
I can see, this ancient Babylonian style male destructive force, is manifesting itself in governments and countries, where there are huge armies and huge, protological, soteriological, eschatological and ecclesiastical organizations.


Our Souls have a free will, just as we have it. Forcefully sending massive numbers of Souls back home is very dangerous.
If the Souls start refusing incarnating on our earth. Therefore, stop importing good, loving energy to this planet earth; this earth would become animal like, dog eat dog, beastie, barren, bleak and lifeless. A loving Soul consciousness would vanish from this earth.
The lobbyists of every government are working towards the same goal of one religion, one power hungry government, having as a long term agenda, contrary to " true good will ", contrary to good Karma, wanting to; eliminate 93% of earth's population, see: Depopulation. Hopefully this attempt will fail.

So the humanity can live; as the Adi Da Samraj said:
" No individual should live as the superior, or the inferior, or even the equal, of all others. Rather, each should live as the intimate servant of others through love. The true politics of human relationships is the politics of servants everywhere--every one serving, and every one served. " (From "The Incarnation of Love")

All Souls, Spirits in entire Multiverse are equal. There is no so called higher or lower " I ". Each of said Souls and Spirits perform a function according to; Local Consciousness, Local Potentialities and Local Possibilities. That way we all are as One.

Therefore, think for yourself and do not quickly accept ideas.

Test all things:
; hold fast what is good. (1 Thes. 5:21)



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